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I'm 18, I've been trying, I've been getting worse, I need help.
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Published: 15 years ago

I'm 18, I've been trying, I've been getting worse, I need help.

I dont have much energy these days, so I'll keep this brief. Over a year ago I started to get horribly bad stomach aches, I mean really bad. I did a lot of research and discovered alternative medicine, so I decided to start with a parasite cleanse from the local health store. I discovered paragone, and after I was finished I felt very good. I noticed I was smelling new scents and feeling more energy. Then I began to degrade again, probably 3 months later I tried colonix and that failed. I decided not too bother with that stuff any more. I kept reading about how amazing liver flushing was, but I knew I wasnt ready for it. I knew then as I know now that I have a serious blockage in my bowels, and I know if I flush my liver it's all gonna just sit in my bowels. Any way in March I did the humaworm parasite cleanse which let me tell you, has been a roller coaster of health ever since. Dureing the cleanse I felt very off, I got lots of die off symptoms and passed what looked too be liver flukes and hook worms. Any way at the end of the humaworm cleanse I had this big bowel movement and then...I felt incredible. I havent felt that good in SOOOO long, it was amazing. One problem though...I was still smoking cigarettes. Quickly after this night of bliss, my digestive system froze up very quickly. I had no bowel movements for 4 - 5 days, till I got an emergency colonic done. Then all these worm like floaters that I had never seen before in my life entered my eyes. They have been there ever since. Now when I say worm like, they are like huge worms in my vision that attach in small rounded segments.

Any way, the colonic got my system moving again, but ever since that 4 - 5 days my body has been SCREWED up. I've gotten lots of colonics done, probably about 6. I've quit smoking now for 7 weeks, I know now that I'm done with cigarettes.

Here's the next part of the ball game, I smoked weed for a week recently, and drank some beer. My body went hay wire and I have been trying to get it back ever since. I've been getting dizzy spells, stiff necks, pain above and below my eyes. I decided to pick up some psyllium fibre and benonite clay and I've been mixing them with juice. This has been seeming to block me up even worse, I need some thing that actually gets my stools big. Any way tonight I had one of the most nausious stomach aches I've had in a long time. I ate a clove of garlic which seemed to neautralize the stomach ache, but I still have a very bad stiff neck.

Also, I got these strange lumps around my neck that I got after I finished the humaworm cleanse. Every thing in me is pointing towards my liver, but I wont flush it until my bowels are clear. Please give me some advise, I really need to get my life back. I'm only 18...I really need my life back. Any one who can help me get it back I will have a business reward for you like you wouldnt believe. I'm a professional flash web developer. I know im young but im a wizard with Adobe Flash, I honestly will build you a website if you point me in a direction that heals me.

Oh, I've also changed up my diet, I dont eat any meat any more, I dont eat wheat, I eat lots of fruits and veggies and nuts. Oh and dont worry about me smokeing pot or drinking again, Im terrified too do so. TERRIFIED...

Ohh jeeze look at that...turns out I did have the energy! :O

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