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Testimonial - 16 months later

Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 17 years ago

Testimonial - 16 months later

Well over sixteen months have now passed since I chanced upon the Barefoot Herbalist and his philosophy on health and healing. The age old adage or quote “when the student is ready, the master will appear” holds so much truth. The Barefoot teachings and knoweldge is not for every body. Many are not ready for the freedom that can be theirs when they throw of the yokes of slavery that are instilled in our “modern” society by various mechanism. Our society programs us to be a society of Peer dependent, status conscious, approval seeking consumers. Herein we inadvertently sell our souls as well as our health. Once upon a time centuries ago, around the time of Noah, man is recorded to have lived well over nine hundred years of age. Within the matter of a few generations that time span had come down to one hundred and fifty years of age. Today one occasionally hears of someone achieving a mere one hundred years. Most will die of some terrible disease in their fifty or sixtieth year. Seldom do we hear anymore of people passing on peacefully in their sleep at a ripe old age. This is the result of our own doing and our own habits. We live in a different world than that of our grand parents. Our vitality is threatended from every corner.

It was 16 months ago that I came upon this website. I was in rather a bad way. In my mid thirties I was plagued with my body degenerating before my eyes. I was wracked with “Candida”, my vibrancy and lust for life was a distant memory. My performance at work was mediocre to say the least. My body was not eliminating its waste in an efficient manner. A deep intuitive part of me refused to give in to this being a mere “getting old”. Somewhere on the BH website I recall reading that all disease has one cause, and that cause being dirty blood. This rang intuitively true to me. My attempts at healing my woes up until then had proved to be in efficient. Intuitively following a vegetarian diet made sense, but that wasn’t enough. Getting an alkaline state in the body made sense, but wasn’t enough. BH suggestions of cleaning up the elimination organs, getting them working efficiently, i.e. Bowel, liver, kidney, skin all made sense. Facilitaing this with distilled water (KEY!!!!!) Cleanse the body of parasites , something forgotten/underestimated by modern medicine. (The De-Wormer worked to drives SCORES of parasites out of my gut and liver. I have used numerous so called deworming products in the past, but have NEVER got these kind of results.) Allow the body to cleanse through a series of orange juice fasts would facilitate massive healing. This concept alone was so foreign and scary to me (I’m skinny to begin with, the last thing I wanted to do was faste!!!!). With total faith and trust that I was on the right path I set about doing the above. The results where staggering.

I believe the use of the Lower Bowel Balance Formulae (LBB) alone saved my life in the long run. I didn’t realize how dire my situation was until I saw what was eliminated over the next couple of months. Pounds and pounds of old mucus/feces continued to come out even when doing extended orange juice fasts. As time progressed and I remained true to my healing following the various cleanses, and instilling new ways of eating I found a new level of vibrancy and energy that I had long since seen. The Candida problem went away almost in the beginning. (Every candida guru out there is saying don’t eat fruit its got too much sugar. I know this to be utter B*.S*. Candida is not the enemey, its merely natures solution to a problem . The problem is too much waste in the body.) The food allergy issues went away. Awareness began to dawn upon me that over the years I was gradually poisoning my body to the point where it was breaking down on many fronts. Emotionally mentally and physically. All this I had inadvertently done to my self. All these months later I look back and I can not recognize my former self. I believe I am 90% of the way back to exceptional health. The damage that I had done to my colon through eating processed foods/meats and non human food was extensive, and I suspect will still take a while to heal. Thanks to the miracle within the LBB, this process is well underway.

Recently I had the enormous privilege of being able to spend just over a week with the Barefoot Herbalist. I was leading up to an important examination process within my job and felt that I needed a quite peaceful environment to fast in, clear my mind and body and prepare it for a peak performance that would be required. I felt a fast in Barefoot territory would facilitate this. I put my request to MH suggesting to hire one of his log cabins. He kindly offered a warmer facility to me. (I had no idea how cold Ohio was in winter). Thus I traveled into Ohio from the Middle East and spent the next 8 days with MH and family. The experience proved to be beyond my wildest expectations. The warm and wonderful folk I got to meet remain etched in my memory. The like’s of Brenda, Brother Jimmy, Len, and even Brother Vayle him self. I got to meet MH’s Chiropractor. A man as dedicated to his cause of assisting his fellow man as any I have ever met. I used the opportunity to visit upon MH’s suggestion Dr Johnson who is one of the few dentists doing real good mercury free dentistry. (I’ve still to pull the root canal tooth that he suggested. That I will do in due course)

I was exceptionally privileged to have MH put together a group of people to lecture on various health related subjects, not so much in honor of my being there, but more as possible entertainment to keep me busy. MH must have figured I would be bored and needed some revving up. What transpired was rather a remarkable meeting of minds. The details of this days lecture can be found in earlier posts and thus I will not elaborate on it.

My week in Barefoot territory was an enormous learning opportunity. MH and I wound up having some really interesting conversations. My respect for him and what he has achieved in his life has gone up exponentially. His knowledge and understanding not only of herbs but of human health was awe-inspiring. We have our difference of opinion, but I respect his and where he is coming from. If you can ever lay your hands on the writings of Prof Hilton Hotema and Dr Robert Jackson, I would strongly urge you to do so. Their work is inspiring and enlightening in a world that is sadly loosing its way. At our expense.

I had the opportunity to experiment with some of Joels herbs. During that week as was at the factory so to speak I had access to large amounts of de-wormer and Longevity spice which I used to supplement my OJ fast. I must have ousted the last remaining flukes from my intestinal tract with the amount of dewormer I consumed. Those flukes didn’t stand a chance!

In hind site, looking back, I see my body is healing beautifully. Each week heralds new and exciting changes for the better. Through the prize of experience my perspective towards food has done a major turn around. The habits that I employ now, that I notice work is to consume one larger meal, usually raw organic veggies or salad or fruit in the evening. I consume mostly water (distilled) by day, and copious amounts of orange juice. I notice on juice I have zero hunger and have gone from eating three large meals a day to drinking juice all day and eating one early evening meal. I fast regularly. I eat only when truly hungry. I continue to use the LBB to keep my gut working/healing. I use a large amount of spice for life/longevity spice (amazing stuff!), along with oregano oil in my juice water and salads.

I have loads of energy, emotionally I feel on top of the world, and physically I have capacity to run longer, work out in the gym longer or do my yoga classes without tiring. I must add here that yoga is a magnificent way to keep the body supple, build inner core strength, and strength over the entire body. Importabtly it also moves the lymph and balances the energy grid/system. I see new muscle definition forming that was never there before.

Most importantly for me, mentally I see enormous improvements in performance. I have just successfully gone through my companies upgrade program moving from an Airline First Officer to Captain on a large wide body aircraft. Something that I was dreading because of the health issues I was dealing with. The process recently went well, and I can now say that I am enjoying my flying and profession in a manner that I hadn’t seen since my early airforce days.

Joel and Brenda, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The lesson I have learnt and continue to learn will be with me always.

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