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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Why Can't I find a Man ???

What I want to know is why I can't find someone who is "45 and single and still looks and feels great"?

Seriously, I think I know how you feel - plus 10 years!  You feel the clock tick-tick-ticking away and thoughts of growing old living life lonely without someone special to share and care with loom large.

And yet, if you are like me - an eternally hopeful hopeless romantic who still beleives in the the fairy tale that says two people can meet, fall in love, and never fall out again - then you do not want to just settle for a roommate, and far too many relationships ultimately become just roommates.

We all yearn for and deserve so much more.

To repeat a post I made in the Love forum (

What I want is the fairy tale and nothing less! I am looking for someone to fall in love with for the last and greatest time in my life, and then fall a little more in love with her every day for the rest of my life. Someone who will be my best friend, passionate lover, partner in crime (smile) and fellow adventurer and who will walk hand in hand with me for the rest of this crazy and exciting journey we call life. A love where, many years later we will still have much of the same smoldering passion left over from the white hot heat of our initial lovemaking. And where, twenty, even thirty years from now, we will still behave like a couple of young lovers, holding hands, kissing in public, not acting at all our age, and still having a special light in our eyes and a catch in our breath at the sight of one another much as we did when we first met.

Many may call me a dreamer, and many may say that I am indeed after a fairy tale. And I would reply that they are exactly right. Because that is my dream, I cling to it stubbornly, even though I am increasingly aware of the hand of time tick-tick-ticking away. And if my dream is a fairy tale, than so be it - I would love to live a fary tale life!

There's nothing in the world better than falling in love. To look into one another's eyes and just fall into each other while the rest of the world and time and space fade away until your whole universe becomes just the two of you caught up in that eternal moment. To kiss one another and have your knees suddenly become weak and your breath taken away. To wake up each day with a smile on your face because you have that special person in your life, and you just naturally think of something special you can do to brighten your lover's day, perhaps a poem or note of love left lying out or a bunch of handpicked flowers put in a vase, or some small something that says "I love you" and makes your heart soar as much as theirs. Quite simply, to live each day wanting nothing quite as much as making the one you love happy.

On the other hand, there is nothing sadder in this world, to me, than to have a love like that, or one that even comes close, and then take that love for granted and let it slip away. Too many people let that happen and they gradually lose the magic until one day the magic is gone, and then they lose each other. Even many of the ones who do stay together lose so much of the love they once had that they become more roommates than true lovers. That is something that I never want to experience again. True love is the most precious thing we can ever have in this life and it is so rare. The older you get, the greater the odds are that you may never find it again if you let it slip away. And so I won't!

Is that what you want Miss 80479? Maybe you should send me a "Hello" just for grins. I am, after all, a knight errant still seeking his lady faire. The worst thing that will happen is that you will become friends with someone who is a pretty good guy (in a sometimes rascally kind of way).  And the best . . .  ah well, you never know, and that is why you don't give up and keep trying.

Three things I have learned in this crazy and uncertain journey called life:

First, and this can apply to life's journey in general, or in the quest for love in particular:  No one every promised you that the journey would always be smooth and easy.  Those of us who venture farthest find the greatest possibilities, but also the most pitfalls.  When you do take the inevitable spill or setback, you just have to pick yourself back up, perhaps a bit nicked here and there, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  With a smile of hope on your face, laughter in your heart and, in my case anyway, a bit of merry mischief in your eyes.

And second, when it come to finding perfect love the answer is not likely to be found in finding someone perfect to love, but rather in finding how to love someone imperfect, perfectly.

As a final comment - I see too many singles ads with unreal restraints regarding  so many criteria (age, income, etc.).  What you think your true love may be and what happens if and when love comes along and bites you on the fanny may be as different as night an day, and it is more likely to happen if you do not close too many doors.  Age for example, is just a number on a drivers license or birth certificate.  Some 55 year olds (ahem) may look, think and act a lot younger than other 40-45 year olds for example.  And those who restrict the geography amaze me.

Have you given up on finding your "one true love" love?  Because what are the chances of finding him or her if you limit your search to your own back yard?  Geography can make it inconvenient, but I have to ask:  How far is too far to go to find true love?  Love will find a way, if you let it!

Okay - one more comment:  If I know so much, why am I still single?  LOL.  Beats me!  Probably because I spend too much time trying to save the world and not enough time trying to save me.

Hugs & smiles,


PS - SB - you handed out business cards?  Too much!

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