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Energy Cycle re: Transformation, Death and Rebirth? (Warning: this is a long msg)
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Published: 14 years ago

Energy Cycle re: Transformation, Death and Rebirth? (Warning: this is a long msg)

I received the following after my break up three weeks ago. Its a bit long and incomplete. The best part of the message is there. Supposedly, since June until November, there is this cycle of energy that will affect our relationships. It provides us with a chance to heal ourselves, relationships, etc. I'm not one to put all my eggs in the astrology basket, but I did find it interesting. My horoscope (Leo) for the month predicted my break-up. I'm not sure if that was concidence or not. My MC cleanse definitely resulted in a rebirth of my personality. But, that may have just been a release of emotions via the cleanse.

Is anyone aware of the energy this piece is explaining?

there is a lot of unusual energy going on this past week and its not just Mercury retrograde. We, all of us, are under a huge influence that hits close since June 9th and continues through November. This cycle offers all of us a chance to heal our hearts like never before. There has not been as opportunity aspect like this for almost 250 years and there will not be another opportunity like this for around another 250 years. So this is a biggie! What is happening to us? The planet Pluto is coming to greet the Galactic Center. This hasn't happened since 1761. As many of you know, Pluto is all about transformation, death and rebirth, digging up buried things (emotions, hurt, the past) and offering a chance to heal those wounds, break down and rebuilt our lives, etc. When Pluto is perfectly aligned with the Galactic Center which is the center of our universe, the very heart of our own galaxy, a wonderful transformation can occur. We will get a chance to transform our relationships, heal old wounds, learn to love again, open our hearts to new love and basically do major healing work. The healing work doesn't necessarily need be healing our heart and relationship issues from this lifetime; but can be from many lifetimes; those things we carry with us from incarnations we no know nothing about on a conscious level but our soul still retains a memory of. Healing our heart is an intense and deep process but we all have been given the opportunity to do it this year. Are you ready? Will you step up to the plate? Will you come from a place of love? Or fear? Or desperation?

Pluto will meet the Galactic Center exactly July 19th even though many of us have already begun feeling a nudge or a "push" by the universe about an issue in a very important a relationship. Many of us will encounter crisis in relationships now and until November. Things that we didn't give a second thought to in the past, suddenly becomes a problem in a relationship. If you've been waiting for something or someone to change, their time is running out! If something had been hidden in a relationship, it will come out now as Pluto will dredge it up! I had a girl call me June 9th, the day I wrote of earlier who just found out her husband was cheating. She had no idea! But this aspect uncovers things. How can we heal our hearts if we are not exposed to the truth? How can we heal our relationships if we don't address the problems that plague us! Old traumas, past behavior and suppressed feelings come up now so we can heal them. Now is the time! But most people are not aware of what's going on around them. They are suddenly feeling all of these feelings. They feel frantic. They feel as if they need to take action immediately! They jump to conclusions like our friend Dorothy in the above letter; ready to file divorce papers immediately. After I explained to her what was going on, she calmed down and stopped any proceedings she had initiated. Like Dorothy , this current mercury retrograde we all also experiencing, is helping us all reconsider what we want in relationships and more importantly what we truly feel in our hearts. Forget the head! Feel with the heart! It is now time to address our relationship issues and heal them.

During the middle part of August, many of us will begin to feel the limitations of our relationships. We will come to realize if they work or not. This period and how you handle it will be great indicators of whether you will move forward in a relationship or end it completely. You will come to realize what it is in your heart. Your head will play games with you. But your heart will not lie to you. You can proceed with whatever plans you need to. I recognize this time as one of the greatest in many centuries to heal our hearts at the very deepest level. Isn't is exciting to be a part of it? Isn't it wonderful that we can be alive at this time to experience this?

Yes, there will be some separations. There will be divorces but maybe folks need to separate to "heal". And yet, there may be many relationships that will be healed and grow to greater heights and deeper depths.We will begin to feel more open to love and expressing our feelings. We will start feeling again! You have no idea how powerful this astrological aspect is. You will know after the process is over. You will look back at the childhood healing that has occurred; the problems in relationships, the feelings, the stuff you thought you didn't care about any longer, or repressed (listening, Scorpios?)

This is exactly why issues are coming up now. They are not comfortable. They are not supposed to be. But how do you deal with them? How do deal with emotions that are overflowing? You come from a place of love. You do not overreact. You come from a place deep in your heart. Meditate and seek counsel while asking yourself, what needs to be changed? What am I feeling? What do I need to let go of? How can I make peace with it all? Deal with the issues now. The universe is helping you now. You are not alone. The universe wants you to heal your heart and that is why is it dredging up the issues and forcing you to examine them.

Please don't look at this period and feel hopeless. It's not about that. We have hope now and the energy to heal our hearts like never before. Embrace this period that runs now and until the end of November to be all that you can truly be!

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