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Tooth problems in 21 month old- Scared to put him under general anesthesia- NEED ADVICE

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Published: 14 years ago

Tooth problems in 21 month old- Scared to put him under general anesthesia- NEED ADVICE

My son has great teeth except for the 4 top teeth. He had croup when was 13 months old and spiked a very high fever. Right after this happened those 4 teeth literally changed. The enamel wore off the the smaller ones next to the big ones just became stubs. They are now yellow and look like they are decaying. I can see parts of the enamel trying to grow back but it looks like chunks. Those teeth hurt him really bad and he bites into an apple using his bottom teeth. He actualy eats a very good diet that is low in sugar. I make sure he gets an apple each day and I feed him very well. The bottom and all the molars and i teeth look great. Its just the 4 on top that were affected. I don't know if this is because those 4 teeth were weaker and didn't develop properly in the womb or what. Well he never had a problem until that super high fever. I actually had to take him to the hospital and they put him on steroids becuase his airway was closeing up. It was very tramatic for him and his little body. Well now the dentist is telling me that the those 4 teeth are rotting away and he is prone to an infection. Those teeth are just affected by everything he eats because of the missing enamel and weak spots. I brush them and it hurts him and more chunks come off from brushing. The dentist also said that if left un treated it is rare but he could die from an infection. This really scared me but I am also scared to have him put under to have his teeth taken out. He won't get his adult teeth for at least 4 more years. Would missing the top 4 teeth cause a speech problem for him? What should I do? What if he dies under anesthisa? I am so afriad. I don't want to lose my son. I love him so much! I am a new mother with another baby on the way so perhaps I am over paronoid here, but I really need some advice and direction. Should I just trust the denist and pray and have faith that everything will be fine. I am also going to ask him if putting him under is the only option.

Has anyone out there been in this situation?

What did you do?

My mother doesn't think this is from the fever but environmental, but then why were the other teeth left in perfect condition?

I really need advice over this one. I am a very concerned parent.

Thank you

Sarah :)

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