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Image Embedded Re: The latest Laibow-Stubblebine Misinformation Outrage!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The latest Laibow-Stubblebine Misinformation Outrage!

You are quite correct - it is all very confusing and I am of the opinion that much of the confusion is deliberate.  Who better to lay a trail of confusion and deception than a pair with a history of doing so and a background in psychology and military intelligence?

It looks to me like NewsTarget posted one article that was part of a news story/press release originated by the Laibow-Stubblebine propaganda mill that is constantly churning out volumes of press releases and emails.  About the same time those NewsTarget articles came out, you can also find me posting information from Laibow-Subblebine and supporting them in my own health forum and here on Curezone.  They had me fooled too! 

Then I began receiving messages from some of my contacts and I began to investigate and had myself a nice meal of eggs Benedict Arnold (all over my face) and pie a  la crow.  And that makes me all the more mad at that group - because I found where the mis-stated facts and thus discredited the messages, found where they focused attention on the wrong issues.  They were sending a series of shrill sky is falling messages about new FDA guidelines while the much greater threat, bill S-1082 was sailing through the Senate.  And having us send our comments to the FDA. Then they crowed about being instrumental in getting the FDA to extend the period for , which merely gave them more time to keep the focus on the wrong issue.

And the idea of sending comments to the FDA to get them to be nicer to supplements is so ludicrous that it make me want to laugh and throw up at the same time.  I am sure that many in the FDA have laughed long and hard at the joke the Stubblebine-Laibow organization played on the health freedom movement.  Don't send your comments and concerns to your representatives in Washington who can make the FDA change, send them to the Agency that would like to see ALL supplements taken off the market or brought under their control and turned over to their Big Pharma masters.

And now look what they are telling us:  we understand the FDA is not listening to our comments.  Don't do anything (except send us money).  We're gonna pray on it and get back with you to tell you how to make better comments.  Keep your mouse ready but wait til you hear from us before you do anything.  What a crock of FDA fed and freedom defeating feces!

When I checked further into Stubblebine and Laibow, I found that they had done the same thing in the health movement on prior occasions and in other movements before that.

I would remind those who are confused that it is the mark of a well planned and executed fifth column disinformation campaign to include real information and even take what appears to be positive and supportive actions in order to further their master goal of dividing, defeating and destroying those they appear to work for.

As I said, I have messages in to Adams and to Newstarget and will be interested to see their response(s).  I am not always right, but even if somehow I am wrong in this instance I will give no support nor money to those people.  There are far more trustworthy groups and more effective ways to spend your time, efforts and money.

Here, for those who may not click, is the article I put the link to in the previous message:

Comment: re: re: re: New FDA Initiative Circulating the Net Does NOT Warrant Alarm or Action

Freedom in Canadian Health Care supports unequivocally the views stated by John Hammell regarding the disinfo employed by the NSF in terms of the FDA guidance.  Below is an excerpt from an open letter to General Stubblebine of NSF, challenging him to prove what he is saying and offering numerous proofs against NSF's stance.  We await his response.  There is no question regarding Mr. Hammell's "agenda", as mentioned by one "voter"; we note that he, unlike General Stubblebine and wife Rima Laibow, does NOT have connections with Homeland Security, army intel and mind control, and the Rockefeller family.  Better one should question those affiliations, because not one of them is noted to be a friend of health freedom, and all of them are current connections.
Here is the excerpt:


The National Health Federation was established in 1955. It is the oldest, most experienced grass roots health freedom organization in the world. Lee Bechtel, their DC lobbyist, has years of experience working directly on Capital Hill. He collaborates closely with Scott Tips, JD, NHF’s Legal Counsel, a man who has been attending all important Codex meetings since 2000 on behalf of dietary supplement consumers and who’s reports from Codex meetings can be seen here:

Here is what Lee Bechtel has to say about the FDA’s Guidance Document:


Hmmmmm. Seems Natural Solutions Foundation suddenly has a HUGE credability problem. You’ve got the public all whipped up into a FRENZY and moving against a NON ISSUE, General! Is that due to sheer incompetence, or is it by DESIGN???

To excerpt from NHF’s analysis: Currently, several groups - other than the NHF - are circulating news about the "end" of dietary supplements and ability of medical professionals, State-regulated or not, to practice Complementary and Alternative medical (CAM) professions, as we currently know it to be the case.

What is being consistently lost in the issue translation in these messages is what the proposed Guidance really means, to CAM providers and consumers, the intent of the Guidance, and the federal and State medical regulatory processes in place that will not mean the "end of the world" as we know it.

The Guidance as drafted does not prevent access to CAM providers. It does not prevent the use of supplements/herbs etc. by medical professionals in their practice, with limitation, nor does or would it directly impact consumers/patients. It would not prevent the use of healthy foods in a diet recommended by a doctor.

What the Guidance does do is present current FDA thinking on how CAM fits within the current context of FDA food and drug regulation. Again, Guidance is not a regulation, nor is it a law. It confers no legal impact on the FDA or the public. Guidance specifically relates to FDA thinking on the design, production, labeling, promotion, and manufacturing of regulated products. In this case, products related to CAM medical practice. This includes FDA-regulated drugs, supplements, and potentially foods, with severe restrictions.

Comment: re: re: The FDA Has Blood on its Hands

Unfortunately, Jeremy, Rima Laibow is the head of a controlled opposition group.  She is closely connected to Lawrence Rockefeller, of the same family that started the Pharma cartel back in 1897, via their "alien abductee" treatment groups across the Soviet Union.  Her husband, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine (Ret.) is from Army Intel, is working on project Aegis for Homeland Security, and is featured in a book called "The Men Who Stare at Goats".  He reportedly is attempting to learn how to walk through walls.    Rima Laibow diverted the attention of her huge following to the FDA's CAM Guidance, which was NOT LAW, and which could not become law, while the Senate rammed through S. 1082, which is a REAL threat to DSHEA (See attorney Jonathon Emord/ Byron Richards/ John Hammell, and many more real experts, who all publicly nailed Rima for that nasty act!).  Rima has espoused the idea of influencing the US Codex delegates to vote at Codex meetings as the way to stop Codex, but in fact we have NO leverage against appointed bureaucrats, no matter which country we come from.  And due to the large number of countries involved(173 PLUS the EU), NO nation retains its sovereignty because it only has ONE VOTE at the table.

Jeremy, you seem to be a dedicated health freedom advocate.  If so, please do yourself, and all your contacts, the favor of separating your loyalties away from controlled opposition groups which are being funded to divert real activists away from the real issues.

Deal instead with John Hammell ( ), Byron Richards ( and his articles at ), the National Health Federation (, for the real truth!


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