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Re: Awakening the Pineal Gland
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Awakening the Pineal Gland

B, how long was the darkroom,

Sofia was also recommending it to me this past spring and other signs were pointing that way also, but rather than travel I opted to stay close to home and do vipassana so I do not know if darkroom is still necessary if so it will manifest again.

i would like to know more of how it went, sofia told me her experience.

pineal gland, well in certain people who have awareness such as you, your pineal is active, mine has remained active since childhood I just kind of supressed it. I think the pineal atrophies due to diet and environment and lack of spiritual practice.

I have found in my practice not to pay attention to siddhis, they work in the background once you have awareness of them, those who consciously use the siddhis get stuck in ego traps. I think of Sai Baba (The current one) who has true siddhis but uses them for egoic purposes. It will be many lifetimes if ever before he ascends any further than the earth plane. 'Desire' for such things not the actual siddhi itself but rather 'desire' of it is what holds one to this gross earth plane and one cannot ascend.

This spring I had dreams of monks and such coming to me and telling me not to abuse my powers. I would from time to time do things to manipulate or bring myself gain, that is fine if you want to remain in this cycle of birth and rebirth, yet to ascend you must go higher. Last month at vipassana for the first time I ignored the lights and kundalini and chakra activations including the sahasara that felt ready to blow in meditation and for the first time experienced samadhi and a realization of much greater than I could gain by using these siddhis. I got the impression that kundalini and focus on the chakras and all is a smokescreen from the devil to prevent one from going further by becoming attached to lights, bells and whistles. The siddhis are like tests to see if one is ready to move higher, once you realize the siddhis you are to trust that they are there when needed, but to not have 'desire' to use them as this will result in selfish gain and addiction to 'desire'. God tells one when they are to be utilized.

Anyway I do not mean to lecture this is how it is with me, I did experiement with chakra activations and kundalini and such and became attached to 'desire' only when i dropped such desire did I shoot through. You have free choice to do what you like. I just have a feeling you perhaps understand what I say.

When ones pineal is opened and remains open it is but an act of grace and not from effort, so one who truly is activated knows that it is way more than feeling pain and negative energy from others. Rumi, Jesus, Guru Ram Das, Patanjali, Sankaracharya and others have all likened this to a seed which must be hidden away and watered and given light, when it fruits you will know but until then you are to keep it from others. When the time comes you knock at the door with persistence and when the door opens you will know, all inward stuff, when the time for outward expression comes one will also know. The door will remain ever open as oposed to only opening during a specific time.


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