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Re: Question for Aye
Ayehasherayeh Views: 4,332
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Question for Aye

I feel that simplicity is a key.

My life is very simple I do not miss the artifial stimulus as it seems to compete with self or be a distraction from self. The more distractions I see the more I need to look in the mirror at me!

As far as diet, I remember when I first became a vegetarian 6 years ago. I stocked up on all the veggie gourmet foods because I thought I might miss meat. I was planning elaborate dishes and had replacements for everything from meat to eggs, same when I tried raw. The mind told me I would crave the crackers and the bread and pastas and I went through all the dehydrating and well you know. I found recently that simplicity is key. We spend a lot of time thinking of food. We spend a lot of energy digesting it. Mono or just simple meals provide you with what you need and do not cause overstimulation.

When I recently trained my mind by withdrawing sensory objects of taste from my diet I took control of that emotional/hunger/mind. I then noticed that the simplicity spread through my daily life and problems I could not deal with began to melt. I magine freeing up the mind from thinking of food, imagine the energy saved from digesting so much food and what these potent energies can be used for:healing of the body, the mind, creative endeavours, your work....

I have 2 dogs One husky/collie mix and one pure husky, the mixed one thrived on a raw meat diet I started her on 15 years ago. I mean you could see the increase in energy after an all raw meat meal, when I moved I could not take her so she stayed with my parents who felt raw meat was dangerous and she has been eating standard grain based fare since and has health issues. My second husky is 6 years and I raised him since he was 11 mos. He was vegetarian for 5 years, and last year when I moved. I could not take him so my mother actually has him too, though because of their metabolism it is said that huskies are most adaptable to veggie fare it was very dificult and expensive to devise a proper diet with adequate protein and fat. I found myself feeding Maximus Better than I fed myself. When I moved last year I was going to adopt him out and the day I was moving he was hit by a cr so I could not let him go and my mother ended up with him also! He now with Sasha eats standard grain based fare and I hope to provide rescue for him soon before he degenerates too much. Even though I am vegetarian and do not touch meat. I feel I would feed him raw meat, (not sure what will really happen) even though when he was veg the vet would say he was the healthiest dog he had ever seen.

EDIT: I sat last night before sleeping and as when posting to you I do see a definite gray area, you say you know what this is so that is all it takes, the power is within you to deal with it.

it is grey so this means it may be emotional/physical meaning it may manifest as physical but it is gray/based in emotional because of the color. When the area is gray if outward physical measures do not work you must then go inside. Or you can start inside and go straight to the root. You will know instinctively if you listen and act rather than react.


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