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Re: Breast Problem - Anybody have any advice?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Breast Problem - Anybody have any advice?

Hi Carroll,
I used to have to squeeze my breast really hard to get any of the
discharge out, unlike yourself. I was using Electrodine when I
began back in mid-Dec. The detox started right away, in the form of
constant sneezing, which morphed into what I then thought was a virus,
in that I got a low-grade fever, and a really bad cough, which took
a couple weeks to get over. That segued right into really bad
allergies, which lasted weeks. Around that time I started getting
itchy bumps on my right wrist, which spread into a rash, which spread
into the worst itch I've ever experienced in my life, from wrist to
elbow (inside forearm)--if you picture the worst poison oak case you've
ever seen, and multiply that times about 20, you maybe can get a
picture of what it was like. I finally succumbed and went to the doctor
when I caught myself scratching my arm against the sharp edge of my
desk at work one day! Mind you, I was not on the forum yet, so I didn't
know this was due to bromine. I got 3 different diagnoses from 4
different doctors. Eczema, eczema and staph, a fungal infection. About
4 or 5 different medications, including an anti-histamine pill, which
only dehydrated me really bad. The antibacterial cream did help, but
the itch always came back, though not to such a degree. It took a good
2 months to get over it all. By the time it was on its way out I had
found this forum. This was all on electrodine, with its 280 mcg (or 250,
I forget) per drop, and I was using 7 drops at the very most. It still
happened when I was using 1 drop daily, which I did for weeks (about 6)
till I found out you were supposed to up your daily dosage. No directions
came with the bottle. I started using it because when I found out that
Global Light Network was selling iodine, I jumped at the chance to get
some, as I knew I had hypothyroid issues which I was powerless to do
anything about, for at least the past 2 decades. Global Light also sells
a magnesium oil, which I use in my bath occasionally. If you do use
Mag oil, be very careful, because it stings any open sore or cut like
the dickens. If you have nipple discharge, you may have some burning if you
use mag oil on it. Anyway, eventually I switched over to Lugol's, as I
realized if I was really going to go about it the right way, I needed
the Iodine and iodide, as per Guy Abraham's research, and that's what I've
used since mid-April. I took about a 5 week break or so in May because
I was getting some really strange symptoms, like heart palpitations and
transient chest pain, which scared the bejesus out of me, when I was trying
to sleep one night, and a weird red rash that looked like a sunburn,
off the corners of my mouth and my nasolabial folds--looked like an allergy.
I backed off for 5 weeks and then started out slowly again in July and I've
been fine since. Also was getting wicked brain fog when I'd had to back off.
Not having that now, I'm happy to report. I never did get headaches or
cystic Acne (or any other sort of acne), just that godawful Rash from Hell.
Why it was only in that one area I will never know. i do not use any salt
flushes now as I'm not having any detox symptoms. Initially I took 1/4 tsp.
twice a day in warm water, followed by 10-16 oz. of fresh water,but as
I was not having headaches, or anything else, I stopped doing that. I never
did get colored pee, or even strong-smelling pee. I have done a lot of fasts,
dating from 30 years ago till the present, for whatever that is worth,
plus 7 Liver Flushes from 2005, so my toxic load may be a lot less than
the average person's. Although I'm sure I have plenty of fluoride stored
in my tissues, or why would I get brain fog.
The best of luck in your healing journey!

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