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What to do to make it palatable
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Published: 14 years ago
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What to do to make it palatable

if the "salt drink" is not palatable, you have to find a way to make it palatable. When I am doing salt pushes (salt taken to clear and cleanse, used repeatedly, not just loading as to prevent), I take some tepid or warm water, but sometimes I do hot, and put enough salt in it to make it taste like chicken broth. I use only eight ounces at a time, maybe less, and then chase it with water, herbal tea, whatever. When I first started I made it hot, and put in crushed garlic and black pepper, and it really was like chicken soup. I added chopped cilantro and raw onion sometimes too.

In the morning, I have a lemon drink, juice of 1/2 a small lemon, salt and red pepper. I take this in a 16 ounce glass. This is the type of dressing I like on seafood and shredded lettuce - tastes kind of Mexican.

The stomach ache is because your intestines are not that open. It is like a roto rooter trying to open stopped up pipes - it's not pretty. You can help by taking magnesium, either Epsom Salts or other, to help keep your intestines open. It is also a cry for B vitamins and digestive enzymes. One Tbsp of a good fat will help as well. Your goal is to have several bowel movements per day, and if you are having only one per day, or less than that, you will probably have side effects detoxing.

It really is not the salt that is causing the cramping. It is the cleansing of less than optimal intestines. Perhaps you want to take a laxative tea like Smooth Move in order to get over the hump. After a while, supplementation with B vitamins and digestive enzymes does not seem necessary, as Iodine works its wonders, but until you can get therapeutic doses into you, it may be necessary.

The worst the symptoms, the more you need cleansing. Those who have not cleansed seem to have the harder time. I always had 2-3 bowel movements per day, but when I started iodine, I had to double my magnesium to get that effect. Now I have had to triple the magnesium to keep my 2-3 quota, and when I was detoxing a lot, I had 4-6. Adjustments are necessary sometimes for good health.

I adapted my lemon drink from The Master Cleanse drink of lemon, molasses, and cayenne pepper. The molasses is for minerals. The Sea Salt has minerals and to me tastes better with lemon. You can adapt to whatever is good for you. The idea is to get the intake. Chloride (sea salt) is necessary to help the excretion of the bromides, fluorides and heavy metals. You don't want to have those recirculating in your body. Be sure to caution your friends not to use regular table salt , but to invest in real Sea Salt , not just for the effect but for the taste. 1/2 teaspoon of table salt tastes much different than 1/2 teaspoon of Sea Salt , stronger somehow, maybe because it does not have the excess minerals left in it.

So you just have to figure out a way. What is palatable to me might not be palatable to you, but put your genius at work, and you will find your tolerance to Iodine will increase. You may be happy with low doses if you do not have severe health problems. I had so many long standing problems, I jumped from five drops a day to five drops twice a day within just a few days. And I don't have any more side effects at over 200 mg than I had at 20 mg. I keep my eyes on the prize and adjust as necessary, doing whatever I have to do stay on the path, dealing with whatever I have to deal with on the way. It doesn't really get old; it is an exciting journey, and I actually celebrate when I have any detox because I know it is better out than in. I am not discouraged by the fact I probably will be on high doses for a couple of years. Whatever side effects I may encounter along the way are nothing compared to the lack of health I have had in the past.

When the intention is clear, the method will present itself.

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