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Are some cases of acne incurable???
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Published: 14 years ago

Are some cases of acne incurable???

I'm posting my story with hopes that someone, anyone might have some insight to where I go from here. My journey to find the cure for my Acne began about 4 years ago. I first started with Taking EFA's and herbs. When this didnt work I turned to internal cleansing. I purged my liver completely of stones, did 4-5 bowel cleanses, did parasite/candida cleanses. Ive tried eating a healthy diet, limiting my consumption of dairy and refinded grains and sugars. After all of this I had my system tested for everything (organ weakness/congestion, leaky gut, etc.)and according to my naturopath, was running nearly perfectly. So I was told that my Acne was emotionally related and was referred to a hypnotist and reiki master. I tried both of these for nearly a year and a half, and neither worked. I then turned to EFT. When this didnt work I turned to self help books and applying what I learned, one of which was the Andreas book "Lifting the Veil of Duality". Since this didnt work, I have recently had a personal consultation with Andreas in which he performed Sacred Santemony. I thought since my Acne was supposed to be emotional, or "because of the way I view myself", I thought this would fix the problem once and for all but I havent really noticed anything different, still breaking out. He also recommended that I cut out meat from my diet and go to bed by 10 so that my liver could detox my blood efficiently. I have been doing both of these things as well but of course Im still breaking out. Im guessing my problem is in my bowels and I can never seemed fix them either. My bowels always feel like there in a spasm. It feels like someone is taking a pair of pliers and twisting my stomach/intestines/colon. It feels like what a normal person would feel in their stomach when they are very scared or worried. None of the things ive tried over the years have effected this stomach issue, or the acne. The only thing I dont think ive yet pursued is being tested for food allergies . I really dont know where to go from here..I am on the verge of breaking down Im so depressed. Just hoping that maybe someone out there can help.

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