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Re: Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Australian's with Morgellons

Hey Anna,

Was sad to hear you are still struggling with your face....your poor thing. It just doesn't seem fair that you are doing so much just to stay at square one...I think those nano flies are coming out of infected people....!! sounds far fetched I know but when I was at the height of my affliction I was massaging out flies from the skin of my inner lower arms.

I was being driven crazy by the 'larvae' wriggling under my skin and have photos of the flies and 'critters' that were being slothed out of my skin when I massaged with olive oil . If these flies are so small, imagine how small their eggs must be....I think they may be the small 'sand grits' that get massaged out along with those black specks...this stuff is so bizaar I would believe just about anything now is possible.

I got a shock this morning. I was in the bathroom and took out a packet of cotton ear buds I had had in storage for a while and opened the packet and took one out. It looked a bit strange as it had a 'fibre bundle mass' hanging from it. I was just about to remove it and use it when I took a closer inspection. The air was really still but I notice random fibers in the bundle were moving independently of the others which were just near...they remained stationery.

It looked truely bizaar! These independent fibers were wriggling up and down and twisting around - something no gust of wind or breath could have done....besides the other fibers that were the same dimension etc. just didn't move at all..!! This was what the other lady had rung and told me she had noticed some weeks ago....there are also a few similar posts on utube.

These fibers are floating ALL over the place and I'm sure they land on our skin...and if they can move as independely as I saw them move...I'm sure they may be the 'wriggles' we feel on our skin...they may even be 'wriggling' under their own steam down into our skin....(just a thought but I was amazed at what I saw....have a go yourself if you have some cotton buds....tease out a few of the fibers and see if you notice anything funny....)

I had washed my dooner cover and it wasn't dry so I just used the thin cotton dooner inner last night to cover myself. It only lasted about 10 minutes before I had to throw it off as it was itching me. It is only about 2 months old and has been washed about 4 times...This morning I held it over the balcony and shook it knowing nothing would come off it but was amazed to see a 'cloud' of these 'fibers' be released...!!! Each shake brought another billowing cloud of these same 'living' fibers!!!What the hell is happening to out cotton?! No wonder I couldn't sleep with it on me last night!! I must have been protecting myself from them with the dooner cover that is quite a tight and high thread count.

This is definitely not the same simple healthy world I grew up in as a kid...I still regard myself 99% cured but still feel the regular odd wriggle and sand grit etc. but I have my 'calm' back as I am not being attacked full on24X7 as I was in the past.

Anyhow Anna.....enough of my ramblings....I have to get to bed and start my counting! Tomorrow is Friday....yeh!!

Hope you have a better day of it ....
Your friend

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