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Re: Fennel seeds, wind incontinence, faecal(fecal) odour( odor)
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Fennel seeds, wind incontinence, faecal(fecal) odour( odor)


The first time this happened to me was in high school while I was high (marijuana). It never happened around people. Until a few years later when i joined the army. When i was in basic training it wasn't a problem. I think it was because I felt comfortable with the people i was around. But when i graduated basic I went to a place for training where there was a completely different group of people. One day while we were information, i felt my sphincter start spasming and this smell, like burned poop and gasoline came over me. Everyone could smell it and it was very embarrasing. When i went to the bathroom, i wiped and there was nothing there. This problem came over me everyday for the next three months. LIFE WAS HELL!!! You ALL know that feeling of waking up one day and everthing being different because you are afraid you smell. I didn't want to be around anybody. However, there was one of my training buddies that i was in basic training with that i told about the problem. He was totally cool about it and would tell me when i stunk (privately) and he came with me to the doctor to get checked out. I swore up and down that the problem was completely physical, but i KNEW deep down that there were some psychological aspects to this problem. Why did it first happen when i was on pot? Why is it that when i am comfortable in my surroundings the smell goes away? The answer is that something psychological is triggering a physical reaction. While I was in this secondary training, i met a girl (I can be soo lucky sometimes). Me and her hit it off (even though i was nervous about the smell and never told her about it). I felt comfortable around her, and so the smell didn't come. You all have to be honest with yourselves and realize that this is a psychological problem, and no, i am not saying that the smell doesnt exist, because i have been there and it does. But you need to find a way to get over the paranoia and stop thinking about it. If you can do this, it WILL go away. I HAVE NEVER APPRECIATED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE LIKE I HAVE APPRECIATED THIS PROBLEM GOING AWAY. Dont get me wrong, it will still rear its ugly head like once every two years (i guess just to make you appreciate not smelling) but its nothing compared to living every day with it. If i had to guess, and i am no medical professional, there is some agoraphobia involved in this problem, but the smell is definately real, so if anyone tells you the smell is in your head, then youre probably comfortable around them). There is probably some gland or some hormone that they dont have a name for that creates this smell, and one day there probably will be a cure for this problem. But for now, if you can get over the psychological issue causing the problem, the smell will go away. YOU HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE PROBLEM IS PSYCHOLOGICAL IF YOU EVER WANT TO HAVE ANY HOPE OF BEATING IT!!!!!!!! TRUST ME!!!!! It hasn't been an issue for me for the past four years. Thank god!!! My life has been given back to me.....
There was a time where i tried going to a doctor, who of course didnt believe me....
This is a problem you are going to have the strength to beat yourself....and you will feel reborn when you do.....Paranoia and social discomfort trigger the smell!!!
Dont let Docs tell you the smell isn't real, bacause it is. But you WILL get past it and lead a normal life. It will make you aprreciate something you always took for granted.

P.S. If you have this problem, DONT SMOKE POT (Especially around other people)


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