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Re: Margarine (NO!) by Ohfor07 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/23/2005 4:17:52 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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FWIW on this somewhat dated thread, quoting the late Dr. W.D. Kelley on the abomination known as Margarine "the only difference between margerine and plastic is one molecule".

Some of you may know who Dr. Kelley was; a dentist, MD., and survivor via self healing himself of late-stage cancer (Pancreatic) in the 60s. His pursuit of self treatment and recovery occured after he'd been given the "it's time to go home, get your affairs in order, and prepare to die within 1 to 2 months" speal from his mainstream doctor. Before he could self treat and recover in this same 6 to 8 week window, he also had to first research, study and educate himself on the subject matter - cancer, a pretty tall order for anyone back in the 60s.

In debunking the value/benefits of margarine, aside from doing a molecular analysis, he did a simple experiment. He took a plastic tub of margerine (as it comes from the grocery) and set it out with the lid off. Over many many weeks, he noticed two things of significance: #1, it did not deteriorate in the slightest, it looked the same on day 90 as it did on day 1 - apparently fresh; #2, pests/bugs/rodents/ants/etc would have nothing to do with it. He wasnt' joking about the "1 molecule's difference" either. Margarine is fake, fabricated, un-natural, and nearly plastic; all the more reason to dine with it on GM'd corn while drinking a typical commercial beverage, like juice, that (most) doesn't contain any juice. Fat - natural fat specifically, from plant and animal sources, in general should be consumed in it's various forms in moderation. Over the years our culture has been advertised, info-mercialized, scammed and bludgeoned relentlessly into believing that sources of natural fat constitute some sort of omnipresent diabolical killer that we must all keep vigil over so as to thoroughly avoid at every step in our lives; meantime we've allowed ourselves to be convinced that fake forms, even those resembling plastic, are what we should be putting into our bodies. To quote Gary Null " if it (a commercial food product) is guranteed to never rot (thanks to preservatives), then it is not something healthy to consume".

To digress a bit further about Dr. Kelley, one of my alltime favorite quotes from him was from one of his web sites that is no longer maintained since his death in january. He had a running list of "lessons" for helping others to self treat themselves for cancer. I managed to save a few of these before the hosting web site was taken down, wish I had gotten all of them. Keep in mind he'd spent many years practicing as a D.D.S.. Lesson # 14, titled - Shoot Your Dentist: "Since 1950 dentists have killed more people than all the wars of recorded history and they are never given proper credit for it.

His success in self treatment of cancer probably helped to popularize coffee enemas. He was also big on flushing all the organs, to include the liver/gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, and colon, and his methods were similar yet different to Clark's, MH's and others familiar here. Keeping in mind that these enemas are believed by many to be dangerous and a definite no-no, people who are soon to be dead have a different perspective on what is safe and what not. Considering what Kelley achieved, his claims deserves some respect. In the case of coffee enemas as well as lower intestinal flushing, they were a significant component that helped him turn the corner in his own self treatment. As a result of his own medical research and experiences and experimenting with his own diet, he was a believer that there is no one-size-fits-all as far as a type of diet for people to adhere to. He discovered what he calls "metabolic type", and from one person to the next this plays a significant role as to what foods the person should adopt as staples for their particular diet, be they vegetable, fruit, dairy, fish, meats, or other.

My apologies for going so far off topic from Margarine. Dr. Kelley was dead and gone before I ever first discovered that he had existed, so it's sort of a belated homeage to him that I frequently quote his work. Anyone who has concerns for cancer may wish to visit the below site, one of the legitimate site's of Kelley's still maintained since his death early this year. CAVEAT!: due to Kelley's success in treating his own cancer, he of course met a lot of abuse and resistance from all across mainstream in his efforts to bring his expereinces, research and results to the masses. As a result, he also struggled to stem the tide of many minions, to include web sites fradulently offering products and research information as though Kelley sanctioned them when in most cases he did not. Now that he's dead, this situation of course is worse.


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