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Thanks, and about left-handedness. by fledgling ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/27/2007 1:23:55 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I've always been a 'little mother' since I was a toddler, sometimes laughably so.

Didn't bother me a bit if anyone laughed...I was being myself...and there is nothing so satisfying.

When my boy was little, every day was a wonder...I didn't know what to do, what a mother was 'supposed' to do. So I read Dr. Spock, cover to cover, and did whatever seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sometimes I got it right.

The books said to put the spoon at the top of the dish, to let a little one choose which hand they would use today...and not to sit a child directly across from anyone, so they didn't 'mirror'.

I am right-handed, but my sewing teacher said I threaded a needle, and knotted the thread, as though I was left-handed...but that was okay. I had 'mirrored' my mother, at a very early age.

More recently, a kinesiologist told me that there is a close relationship between manual dexterity and the development of intelligence...that kids today are being robbed by not being exposed to hand skills like knitting and crochet and many other talents.

Still, here and there, I see the odd young person joining their grandmother's knitting circle.

Men, in particular, are appreciated no end in such groups.

Did you know that, before machines took over, men did all the knitting? It started with the sailors and fishermen who needed warm and flexible clothing. And fishing nets always needed mending...and sails were hand-sewn. The neat thing about it was that no one cared how you held your needles and was the end result that mattered.

Here are two sites you'll love...

And the world is full of leftover yarn that no one knows what to do with...except scrumblers.

My best,



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