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Re: Nothing but gossip by AHarleyGyrl ..... Webmaster Debate & Suggestions

Date:   9/29/2007 8:55:18 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I know, you have posted that several times, and I have addressed some of it and am getting to the rest. 

You are very impatient!  I can only write so fast. 

1. There were complaints, the most were more recent.  BUT, when there was a complaint, he would call me and ask me to contact the Webmaster and have it removed.  This was going on long before I had a forum.  Removing posts was at the discretion of the Webmaster.  Morales conviced me for years that the complaints were unfounded.  So, I believed him.  The complaints were mainly about crowns, bridges and partials not fitting correctly, not about patients being harmed.  The complaints like the latter were few and far between and he said that all Dentists get that sort of thing.  Zoebess, look at the context of that post, as you was written to a person who was going to go to Morales (it was either the one who was already shceduled or the other one).  I was trying to convince them not to go.  So, that is why I said what I did.  But, it is true.

2.  Yes, that is correct

3.  I have addressed that:  //

"could have spared many people the suffering they

have found at the hands of someone whose picture survives

in your forum pages."

I didn't even remember posting those pics until it just a few days ago.  I changed some, but will eventually get the others done.  There are many hundreds.  Quit being so impatient and implying because the pictures are there that I am wanting people to go to Morales.  I started all the posts because I didn't want them to go.  Yes, yes, the pictures, I wil get to them in the next few days.  Capishe? 

4.  Yes, yesterday you added a lot of your own conclusions and stuff to what I wrote.  I know I did not expand on what I wrote and therefore people would want details.  But, I planned on that, just put the cart before the horse because one person had an appointment and I couldn't waste time, I wanted to let them know. 

"This site

is still active and linked to from Curezone. This is not a

good thing in my humble opinion."

There are no links to Morales or pictures of him on there that I am aware of.  If there is one with my mother, it is only because I like the of my mother and hardly anyone would know it was him.  Is that the picture you are speaking of?


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