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Brain detox working. by #19236 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/3/2005 1:13:27 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi MH, After my 40 day oj fast in Jan 05 and mono dieting for last 7 months awesome brain detoxing is occuring. I take pineapple to remove lead, cilantro to remove mercury and home grown wheatgrass juice etc, plus dewomer, olive leaf, llb, oo, etc.

Anyway, health and weight is so improved and good, and this week I felt things being DISLODGED from my brain DRAINING into my neck! I did neck exercises and could FEEL brain drainage and some clogs inside my neck! Anyway, after an active weekend my left ear clogged up, as did neck and brain behind the left ear. I held my nose and blew to try to dislodge what ever was in my ear, then I ear candled, massaged the areas and later that day, large amts of hard black and dk. white forgein objects came out my left ear as I never saw before, the black looked like hardened mercury!!! with a tough white/tan powder or hard wax encasing it.

This was probably the same gunk I felt draining into my neck pipe. What is the stuff cilantro pulls out of our brain? Could it be mercury, metals? It is hard in core as any hard or soft metals. Could pineapple be pulling lead out the brain?

I also felt bad memories come out as the ear and head gunk was draining into my neck pipe and getting stuck in my neck and left ear. Whatever it was I just want you to know brain detoxing does work and I feel great in my brain, ear and head now and very happy to get that black metal? stuff out and awful hard off white powder out of my brain!
Thank you.


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