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skin hatching with some aggressive foe... by #87504 ..... Parasites: Skin Support

Date:   10/14/2007 2:14:27 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi there - I'm new to Curezone and the Skin parasite forum... for the last month I've started my personal journey that it seems many of you are on... I'm sorry - I had no idea anyone else was going through this.

Anyway, something is hatching from my skin. Initially I was treated with Permethrin cream - the assumption being it would kill whatever was going on. I had taken a sample with me -- in a double layer of ziploc plastic bags - and by the time I got to the doctors office whatever it is/was was going through the I found a paper bag to put around the plastic bags. The doctor (at urgent care) was so freaked out she did not want to open it and look under a microscope. Since I had burrow marks in my skin, and what she thought were probably mites in the bag, she thought scabies. Gave me meds, told me to take my dog and cats to the vet and sent me on my way. Long story short, the vet said it's not mites. The health dept (several days later) identified a sample as a Chalcid Wasp - which made no sense to them since that would be a parasite of a parasite and would not have any reason to be in me...

Meanwhile, the Dermatologist at UW asked if I would consider the possibility that I once was infested but no longer was, and just needed to see a psychiatrist. I said no. I was REALLY MAD. I had collected her all sorts of samples - including fingernail samples in which these things had crawled, and bugs I picked off before and after showers with Sea Buchthorn Oil (which is for human mange)... She nastily said they'd check the samples but didn't expect to find anything but fuzz... That was a week ago. I've not heard back.

Meanwhile, I continue to have hatchings and burrowing and whatever it is EATS through plastic bags and plastic sample jars. I've had to move to glass jars which are tightly sealed. Even then, oddly I'm finding some critters on the outside of the jars.... but, they are so small I can't see what they are. I need a microscope. Has anyone ordered one. Also, I'm going to start taking the Humaworm. I'm open to any other suggestions!!!!



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