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A spiritual look at forgiveness by boldyloxx ..... Forgiveness Support Forum

Date:   10/21/2007 8:09:15 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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From what I've been finding out -- and from the spiritual fair I just came from this weekend-- you can not effectively be a healer if you hold any bitterness in your heart, no matter how justified you are in being bitter about something or someone (and we are all justified in our reasons for not being too thrilled with someone's actions)

This is especially true if you are a Reiki practioner. You end up being a "constipated" channel if you hold any feelings of resentment or bitterness in your life.

I personally find it very easy to be bitter with certain people in my life-- because there are a few that go out of their way to be hateful towards me, for no just cause.

Now I want to grow spiritually, and I also want to fulfill this drive I have of being attuned to Reiki at the 2nd level. Old things must pass away in my life before new things can come in .

On my own, I cannot forgive. Human nature is what it is- Since the spiritual backsliding at Eden centuries ago, we humans are unbalanced-- even the best of us. This is why Christ incarnated on Earth to help us out of this condition.

What can I do when someone provokes me intentionally? What can I do if someone even murders someone I love out of hate? I ask the Spirit of God to give me His/Her forgiveness, and I mentally surrender my hate to God-- as a little child, I ask God, "Give me Your forgiveness Lord, because I do not have the capacity to love, or forgive this person, but you do. Love him/her through me, for me. I will let you do this God- for You."

When I do this-- believe it or not, I find this LOVE the Spirit puts inside of me that is NOT from my own human goodness, NOT from myself, but from the Divine who quietly dwells inside each of us waiting for us to ask for the Divine to take over.

One situation where one person did this was a woman named Corrie Ten Boom-- a Dutch missionary who was imprisoned in the German concentration camps and lost all of her family in the camps from trying to help Jewish folk.

Miracously, she was released from one of the worst death camps due to a clerical error. Her sister was brutally treated by one of the most hateful prison guards in that camp.

After the war, that prison guard became converted to Christ -- unknown to her.
One day she was giving a teaching session to many people and this man came up to her and cried out her name with joy. He held out his hand to shake hers, but she panicked. She did not feel any love for this former guard, but felt all the old resentments and hate for him simmer to the surface. She knew that she had to do something quick, because she just gave a sermon and everyone was looking. ( I beleive the sermon was on forgiveness too, by the way ;-) )

So she knew that she had no love inside of her, and could not count on her own human love. Therefore, she quickly cried out to God to give her God's love through her to this man. Immediately, she felt an electrical charge run through the lenghth of her arm -- her hair stood up on her arm skin, and she felt this Sea of Love overwhelm her for this man. It was Christ's Love-- it was not her own. She felt cleansed and she was able to shake this man's hands sincerely, without faking it for appearances sake.

We can not forgive on our own merits-- we need to tap into the Divine for God's Love THROUGH us as a channel.

When doing Reiki or any healing work, it would be a good idea to pray in any way we know how to pray - that the Creator will give us the Spirit's love for that person -- or else that God would give us HIS forgiveness for someone who wronged us, so that we will be healed and can channel the Divine healing energy where it is needed.

Don't forget that negative entities and dark forces often go out of thier way to set up negative situations in our jobs and personal lives to set us up for bitternesses and resentments. They may even be ordered to do so by evil spirits who are higher up on the heirarchy ladder, because darkness knows that there is a potential for some Light work and restoration with the Angelic realm using someone as a channel, so they do the best they can to mess things up so a Healer cannot be as effective in helping with the restoration process.

Dark forces are very shrewd and very real- make no mistake about it. They "stir the pot" with people in relationships-- especially in our jobs, to create negativity and block channels.

Want an example? One time a supervisor really harrassed me and screamed all these hateful things at me where I work-- in front of the entire department. I could have sued him for harrassment if I wanted to, but he probably thought I was too stupid to think of that. Well after he was done screaming and cursing at me- one of the employees who has a spiritual sense about her felt a very tall grim reaper type dark figure standing behind her the entire time. She felt very uncomfortable and even remarked--- "Yikes, I feel something standing right behind me.

In our office this entity has been felt and sighted a few times. People's hate in that place draw it in. It feeds off of bitterness and negativity --which must give it energy.

The manager's hate he felt for me at that moment attracted it. In fact, who knows if this manager was not actually influenced by this entity- and spurred on to scream at me-- so that I would get all bitter and hate him the rest of my life, and there fore be an ineffective channel for God in my life for others.

This is how evil works-- play on people to make everyone hate each other, and then be totally useless in spreading love energy around. It doesnt have to be a giant situation like World War II. It could be over a small incident. Yes, we are always justified for resenting- because most of the times, the person really was out of line with us, - so that is why it is all the more impossible to forgive on our own strength and we need to call out to God for Divine energy.

As Energy Healers-- As Reiki Practioners, or anyone who is being used to Restore others from physical, emotional and spiritual ruins in their lives--- we must clean ourselves inside first, and most times, the only way we can be effectively "detoxed" from bitternesses and negative feelings is by connecting with God and asking Him for the forgiveness energy-- not relying on our own strengths. Then we get true deep cellular healing, with nothing suppressed inside of us, and then we can be an effective channel for love.

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