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Re: hypothyroid? parasites? candida? virus? Oh My! by Naturalist ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   10/25/2007 4:11:33 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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You have a fungal overgrowth...parasites. (Candida is a parasite)
and a toxic colon.

A parasite is an organism that feeds and lives on
another organism. Some parasites are known to remain
in the body for up to 30 years. There is no part of
your body that is immune to parasites-not your
organs, muscles, blood, brain, or lungs.

"Coconut oil seems to help temporarily, but when I stop it,
I get really dry again"

Coconut oil is antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial.

-It's much better now, but it seems I'm dependent
on wheatgrass--without it my bowels will struggle."

Constipation is a common sign of a toxic colon.
I don't see where you have done any colon cleansing.
What is your source of fiber...enough to make you
have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day.

The following is from Dr. Schulze 's newsletter of March 2007.

"The entire colon is so big that it is connected to, touches, sits
next to, or is in the vicinity of every major organ in the human
body except the brain. It also touches most of your major blood
vessels and nerves.

Constipation causes the colon to literally swell, expand and even
become herniated. And according to the leading medical books,
it is happening to all of us.

When an area of the colon gets constipated and swells,
it compresses and crushes the organ next to it. This
could be the lungs, the heart,the liver and gall bladder,
the pancreas, the kidneys and adrenals the uterus, the
prostate, again, almost every major organ in the body.
This is simply why a constipated, swollen colon can cause
an almost endless amount of seemingly unrelated diseases
and problems. And I haven't even discussed toxic build-up
in the colon that literally oozes into your blood and
infects and poisons-not just the nearby organs-but every
organ and every cell in your body.

What's the bottom line? A sluggish, constipated,
swollen bowel, retaining pounds of old fecal matter
can either compress a nearby area causing disease,
or emit infection and toxins which can affect
and infect any area of the body.

The symptoms and ailments from constipation are
almost endless...tension, fatigue, allergies,
indigestion, headaches, irritability, nervousness,
nausea, depression, obesity, food cravings, anxiety,
insomnia, bad breath, menstrual problems, swelling of
the legs, asthma, backache, memory loss, poor appetite,
lack of sexual response, hemorrhoids, prostate trouble,
skin problems, abdominal discomfort...and many other ailments.

Even if a person thinks that their particular problem
s unrelated to the colon, they might be wrong. A swollen,
constipated, irritated bowel puts pressure on and infects
everything around it. The nerves from the spine run next
to the bowel before they do down the legs."

" parasite cleanse (really made me feel bad), 1 liver flush."

This is an indication that you are on the right track. The "really
feel bad part" is die off. One parasite cleanse and 1 liver
cleanse is not enough.

You need to cleanse your colon: How do you feel about
colon hydrotherapy? Find someone who has you use an ozone
sauna before your therapy. Also do Barefoot's dewormer for
3 weeks and then do a liver cleanse. After the liver cleanse
go back on the dewormer for another 9 days. (Do the
dewormer while you are taking the colonics.)Then do more
Liver Cleansing until you are free of stones. Remember to
cleanse your colon after your liver cleanses. You will also
need to cleanse your kidneys. Then go on a maintenance
program...cleanse every 6 months.

Read here:

If you do not want to do colonics you may want to try a
colon cleansing product. I like Dr. Schulze 's formula 1
and formula 2.

read here:

Symptoms: Read here:


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