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Re: Has anyone heard of Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith? by SF1933 ..... Evolution & Creationism Debate

Date:   10/28/2007 2:24:15 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thanks, Celcius, that was very interesting to me, too. Here is what I heard him speak about today from this book.

It was in #16 The Creation Evolution Debate 3 of 5 Irrefutable Scientific Proof of the ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILTY of evolution by a Top Scientis
Romans 1:19-20, Genesis 1

***I have edited this message as I used #22 in error. I apologize to those who thought they would hear the example shown below, but this is the correct one. Since he gives the abosulute impossibility of evolution, this is the one to listen to if you only hear one. After his introduction, he mainly uses scientific deductions for his reasonings so please take the time to listen!

"He also argued effectively against Thomas Huxley’s old monkey-typewriter analogy, the claim that a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters would eventually produce Psalm 23 by chance, given enough time. Wilder-Smith pointed out a fatal flaw that undermined the whole argument. By showing that since the chemical reactions that would have led to life in a primordial soup are reversible, that fact rendered the analogy useless – in the monkeys’ case, if the letters fell off the page as soon as they were typed, no meaningful sequence would ever be produced. Huxley, therefore, had cheated by claiming that the letters typed would remain on the page. The laws of chemistry do not permit that sort of stability in chemical evolution scenarios. With points like this, he argued that creation was scientific and naturalistic evolution was unscientific."

Dr. Wiler-smith said that scientists were aware of this but were still teaching this lie because they don't want to go back and admit there is a God or creator.
(It is on a video at sermonaudio if you want to watch it. Go to speakers and put his name in and you will get all of his lectures.)

I don't worry about who or who won't be persuaded with what I have posted, all I want to do is give my best so that those like yourself and Corthinian have the opportunity to see what those with scientfic minds have said about evolution. We all have the free will to make a choice. However, putting your faith in evolution has fatal consequences.

If you are right and evolution is correct, then I have lost nothing because I have the same as you. However, if I am right and there is a God, you don't have what I have. So you have put up nothing to lose everything, and I have put up nothing to gain everything. You therefore are the biggest gambler in the world because you have a soul which is going to spend eternity in one of two places. God does not destroy the soul because he would be destoying a part of Himself.

The bible says that His creation also proves His exsistence (Rom. 1:20), so everyone is "without excuse" so when you deny there is a God, He does not send you to hell, but you have sent yourself! Are you absolutely sure you don't want to investigate this further?


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