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A Buttload of Contradictions.... by #34154 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   9/25/2005 11:50:52 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I'm one very confused person. I've started reading about natural health for almost a year, and have slowly implemented stuff in my life. I'm at the point of the final stretch, where my transition will finally be complete into the 'natural' lifestyle.

But there are many questions I have, most of them contradictory. Frankly I find them a pain in the butt and want clarification on these issues:

1) Distilled water: I've started drinking it, but mostly as diluted fruit juice and herbal teas, since pure distilled leaches minerals. But my question is about herbal can 'boiled' distilled water be good? Doesn't boiling distilled water leach all the metals from the boiling vessel, thereby negating the whole point of distillation?

2) Hot Baths/Showers: MH says it's good for you, yet hot water contains call the bad stuff (like PCB I believe?). In this situation, I can't decide which side outweighs the other. What to do in this situation? And no, at this point I can't afford those portable steam baths.

3) Organic vs. Conventional Fruits: Naturally everyone's going to say organic is better, but MH says it doesn't make a difference since the air is sprayed anyway. But assuming the organic stuff is slightly better, doesn't the increased mold/organism content negate the marginal benefits?

4) Menstruation: I've noticed when I eat healthy/work out I don't get my periods, or if I do it's very scant. Although I've heard this is normal and healthy, I can't help but feel something isn't right....or maybe it's my mental conditioning that's speaking? But I do get pelvic pains so maybe it's a health problem?

5) Water Again: Like I mentioned, I drink most very dilute fruit juices or herbal teas. Is this ok, or do I need pure water also? What other low acid ways can I drink 'structured' water? I ask because drinking teas and juices are eroding my teeth. I find I can drink neither plain water nor teas, and am at my wits end.

6) Fermented foods: I love stuff like miso and kimchi, plus they're supposedly healthy (koreans say they avoided bird flu by eating kimchi). But people are either of the opinion that these foods are heaven-sent, or they're dangerous. What is the actual truth of the matter?

7) Moisturizing skin: After bath I usually need to moisturize my dry skin. But many people say it's bad and blocks the outward flow of toxins. Any thought on this?

8) Blood Type Diet: I hear this is a controversial follow or not to follow? So far it seems to be working for me. However, I see one major issue....oranges are on my prohibited list, so I'm wondering how will I ever do the 40 day orange fast? Or is blood typing just quackery? I don't want to believe so since many people are having success with it.

9) Mold Cleaning: How to clean stuff like mold and germs without the use of disinfecting chemicals and without using stuff like oregano oil ( it just makes bath tiles greasy).

10) Random stuff: I'd also like opinions on the following random lens usaged, high heel shoes, use of hypnosis tapes, and how to routinely clean bad airconditioning air (I have no windows in my room!).

Sorry for the long post, but I'm at the point of tearing my hair out. I appreciate opinions on anything and everything. I figured it would just be easy to ask everything in one shot than posting a seperate message for each question.


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