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Re: Had bacon this morning - immediate panic attack. by Carthage ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/13/2007 4:53:44 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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As far as i can say, no, it isn't the sodium.
Of the posts i've read by you, you seem to have onslaught of impending allergy/allergies, some intolerance that makes your intestines to malabsorb and malabsorption leads to residual food for the bacteries. Hence SIBO. (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
SIBO can be a balance of yeast and bacteria, depending if you kill one off then the other sustain and takes over.
When candida takes over it's candidiasis which WILL show on the fecal.
If you persist on pursuing candida then you can take an arbitol test or/and serum antibody test to see if you have it, if it doesn't show, then you're chasing a ghost.

You have a long way ahead of you, go to your physician and take allergytests, intolerance tests (even malabsorptions of gluten, lactose and fructose), a bacterial culture of the mucus that runs down your throat, fecal test of abnormal bacteria-levels, bacterial load in the tummy and small intestine, check bacterial provocated chronic sinusitis, and tonsilitis.

The allergies, some may be temporary, others might not cause the black rings under your eyes are something that's called "allergic shiners", read upon them on internet.
They usually show up when the sinuses are clogged and any supply and sinus drainage is halted or constrained, allergies stuffs the drainage channels in the sinuses, and bacterias.

Candida? Only if bloating after meals. Otherwise SIBO: yes.

Why i'm saying it like this? To save months of guessing and forum-riddling.
Learn fasting, control your hunger.


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