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Anal Fecal Odor: Bacteria or Mechanical Issue by fecalodor ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/19/2007 12:24:07 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Even though we dont know much about our conditions, however, we do know that it is normal for feces to smell like feces. So the fact that our feces still smell like feces is not the problem. What the problem is why do we overly smell like feces - almost like we were created out of feces. But to state that we smell like we were created out of feces would be an hyperbolical statement - an exaggeration. The comment most of us get is that we smell like we have hygiene issues - like we don't wipe properly. If that is the kind of comment you get, this traces the problem back to the anus. That means that for many of us our problem seem to be coming from the anal region. Furthermore, we experience some abnormalities such as diarrhea, constipation, incomplete evacuation feelings, wiping with lots of tissue to get clean, etc. These symptons show that the problem area is the anal area, rectum and perhaps further up that anal hole.

If one smells the anus of a healthy person, it doesn't smell like feces (but I bet our anus smells exactly like feces prompting outsiders to believe that we are leaving fecal matter on our anus and that we are unhygienic]. In case any of you was wondering what the anus of an healthy person smells like, it has a very distinct smell (unlike feces) that some people get turned on by. Believe me if the anus of everyone was smelling like feces, no one would get turned on by smelling that crap!

The reason why the anus of healthy people dont smell like feces, as doctors have widely acknowledged, is because they evacuate without leaving any trace in their rectums and don't store any feces in their rectums. That is why after an healthy person has finished having a bowel movement, the person feels free and feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off his/her shoulders. But after each bowel movement, most of us feel even more miserable as we feel as if there's something still left there that has to come out - the culprit is in the rectum and is identified again!!!

So if u're having incomplete evacuation feelings with constant diarrhea and an odor that makes outsiders believe that you're leaving fecal matter on your anus, the problem is with the fecal matter left in the rectum. This is why sealing your anus with tissue paper reduces the smell a bit, and carbon seals placed on the anal opening reduces the smell even further.

We all know that even when a healthy person delays bowel movement for a long period and the fecal matter has now moved down from the colon (where it should be properly stored) into the rectum, the healthy person begins to smell like us.

And even if one is healthy and one engages in anal sex such that the constant thrusting against the rectal walls forces feces in the upper colon down into the rectum, one will begin to smell like us. And for this reason many healthy people dont like to get penetrated anally because they cant stand the embarrasment and mockery from people afterwards because of the odor.

A drug called Chitosan helps to clean out the rectum so that you can return to your healthy you.

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