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Re: Is this Candida? by #89250 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/29/2007 10:37:11 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Congestion in the area? Not sure what you mean, Shroom.
It's really minor, just a bit of white stuff that is clinging around the area. I can wash it off okay and I'm sure it probably has some sort of yeast in it - possibly plaque, too. But I've had yeast infections in my lifetime (as has probably every woman) and they were inside the vagina and start itching on the outside. This is a very localized, very specific, very small area and I have no yeast anywhere else that is noticeable (not even inside). And of course there is a tiny inflammation around the 'pee exit area' - I thought at first that I had passed a kidney stone. It goes away and then comes back the next day or so.

So you think some sort of plaque/yeast mix is coming out of my urinary tract?
It started a week after I began the parasite cleaning, which by the way yielded penworms and quite possibly flukes now - I'm up to 12 pills a day and feeling really weird tiny twitchs and itches all over the place, particularly when I try to go to sleep. I feel like there are fleas in my bed. And sometimes I'll get a quick pang like someone threw a piece of bullnettle at one of my organs - last night I'm pretty sure it was the liver. I drank 1 cup of Celestial Seasonints de-tox tea just to see (it's not bad!) with dandelion, echinacea, red clover, and milk thistle and directly after got the liver pang. Not sure it was the tea, but it was weird.

I have lots of energy and feel great most of the time. Am starting a Bowel Cleanse this weekend, but wasn't will to fork over the $50/30 days treatment for pills from Huma-worm, so I went and bought the ingredients (Senna, cascara sagrada and psyllum husk), and will have to figure out how much of each to take to mimic the Huma-worm Bowel Cleanse deal. My husband is so freaked out that he is actually go to do it too! (laughing) The man is a pretty serious homo-phobe and doesn't want to see, think about, or even acknowledge anything coming into or out of anyone's anus.

Wow, if you had told me a few months ago that I would be doing this @%^$&% and looking at my poop all the time, I'd have told you that you're crazy. I've learned so much this last month, and am learning more every day about how to get healthier - seems like I haven't felt 'great' for a lot of years now, with the exception of a day here and there where everything comes together. Now it seems like I'm feeling better everyday!

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