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Re: green tongue?? by Carthage ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/5/2007 7:23:11 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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It seems you have developed a case of hypochlorhydria (low levels of gastric juices), they sometimes come with partial constipation.
What's happening with your body? I'd suggest leaky gut.
Let me explain it to you, the "green thing" on your tongue hangs together with your cold body and this is how it happens:
When you had a case of antibiotics you most probably invited the mushroom friend to multiply beyond control, hence doctors are lacking on this department, to inform about NOT to eat sugar and similar stuff that feeds an oncoming dysbiosis until the friendly bacterias has grown back.
Although i won't say sorely you have candida, it may be many similar pathogens, eg yeast and bacteria.

The dysbiosis in your GI-tract causes many deprimental things and one of them, leaky gut, has an affection on your cross-reactions from eventual allergies; but if it's a major allergen or cross-reaction sensitized, is a sensible discussion.
With leaky gut and an heightened sensitization to the green food (probably vegetables), it is degrading your intestinal integrity on the mucosal walls and this weakens the immune system, allowing candida or other yeast to root on it (the intestinal walls).
Now it's called a hyperpermeable situation in your intestines and it lets bigger foodparticles out in the bloodstream.
When that happens your immune system tells that something big and unknown has entered the bloodstream, and by that point your body has slowed down the bloodflow to be able to handle the situation.

When the blood runs slower the utmost bloodvessels are suffering of this the most and temperal heat concentrated to your inner organs as an safety measure, that's why you are feeling cold.

So what you need to do? Nail down your allergies, try first through your gutfeeling or by eradicating all vegetables from the menu as a first step.
Here is a link that helps you identifying the vegetable allergenic type:

It's not the same reaction but it's the same proteins, chlorophyl, lipid transfer protein and profilin.
If you could try this and say how it went? Remember, it takes about three days up to a week to regain most of the body temperature.

This phenomena causes fatigue on the whole body, here is a thorough walkthrough:

cold hands/feet = As explaind above.
poor erections(even in the morning..if anybody does if this is related pls let me know) = Hormonal fatigue due to overall fatigue.
tired all day = Poor food absorption, leaky gut and dysbiosis. (and powering the immune system takes alot of energy)
insomnia some nights though = Adrenal fatigue, hormones unbalanced, common.
get really tired after eating sometimes = Achlorhydria and hypochlorhydria causes poor digestion, and digestion is very energydemanding, pancreas is using high energyconsumption while creating enzymes.
brain fog..abs terrible memory = Low glucose that means low energy too, hence retardation, ADHD and autism are also linked with yeast syndromes and intestinal permeability (leaky gut) so it's a double-edged sword.
standing up to quick gets me light headed = Low bloodpressure, low nutrition, low iron. (don't supplement iron orally cause it feeds dysbiosis)
i seem to have undigested food in my feces = Achlorhydria. (read about achlorhydria and hypochlorhydria)
i always seem to feel bad after i eat = It's no wonder, hunt down the food you feel better about eating.
Basmati rice is a good start.
bloood work shows- low blood cell count and gilberts syndrome(liver detox phase two prob) = Malnutrition renders in less blood cell-production.

And so on..

The two most important things for you to do.
1. Provided, after you've identified the food that causes low body temperature; encapsulated digestive enzymes will kick up your energy and take a little burden off your pancreas.
2. Replenishing good bacterias will be the MOST important thing after a while when the GI tract has healed a bit, homemade live yoghurt is superior to capsules, and it has to be the right bacterias too (no bifidobacterias, if so; less of them. Lactobacillus is the one to have on your yoghurt: acidophilus, casei, rhamnosus (GG), bulgaricum. Thermophilus too)
The lactic acid good bacterias produces, oh boy, read about it, supports gastric juices, inhibits pathogenic yeast and bacteria, kicks up the metabolism and, insignia metabolism IS body temperature.

BUT, you need to reduce the pathogenic critters by supplementing antibacterials (not antibiotics), in order for the good bacteria to fasten on the empty spots of the intestinal walls.

This text is about to get overwhelming, please ask me any question that comes to mind.
Storebought yoghurt is usually poor.

Be aware that leaky gut may also be caused by gluten for some people.



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