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Re: Regarding soap and such... by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/17/2007 7:20:08 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Randy Rooney from the old 60 minutes news show did a special on WOMAN'S Soaps and showed that anyone smart enough to read a lable sees the first 5 ingredients are about the same in any soap/shampoo and I would suggest any company that makes the statement :

biodynamically-grown ingredients

Is FULL OF IT to the max. What the heck does biodynamically-grown mean to a manufacturer of shampoos/soaps, it is 100% bull and I would not trust one word on their label. Manufacturers LIE all the time on their labels, the FDA does not inforce labels and allows the commercial companies to leave out the bad ingredients. A GREAT EXAMPLE is water. Bottled water is LOADED with bad chemicals and the fda allows them to ignore the chemicals that the governments FORCE them to add or you can't do commercial sales to the governements slaves.

When a lable uses the word ORGANIC, that is a 95% clue that they are LIEING and ONLY seek to make a sale to people lured into their trap. YOU can NOT make an organic soap, the ideal is beyond CRAZY!

The words "biodynamically-grown ingredients" is 100% test postitive the label is FAKE, fake as the products they sell.

If it is sold commercially and WOMEN put it on their face/skin, it is a 100% guess that the product has Titanium Dioxides/EDTA, chemical coloring, chemical fragrences, etc., etc., etc. and 100% NOTHING in that bottle is organic.

Otherwise you could eat/consume that product and it would not make you sick.

Often enough, the manufacturers in soaps using the "ORGANIC" name, are some of the lowest/worse companies out there willing to lie to the max. A good company simply puts their ingredients on their toxic bottle and makes no lies about it, the ingredients speak for the selves. Those using the word ORGANIC normally ask double the price for their no better products.

I find people who see on the label that the soap came from another country using the name ORGANIC are willing to pay double the $$$$ and ignore the lable or are otherwise sucking into the name game of organics.

Many women have $200.00+ of soaps setting in their bathroom closets and some have many times more that in their toxic make ups. Make ups are worse than soaps, at least with soap you wash the poison off.

Soaps were targeted for titanium/edta because of the way women have been trained to use them for smells and looks. In general the theory would mean this:

Women using lots of soaps/make-up would have less aids and more Thyroid problems. They still have the hiv, just not the symptoms. The world has hiv thanks to 60 years of feeding us aluminum in our air/water/foods.


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