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Testimonial, please read!! by jana ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   12/18/2007 4:33:39 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hello everybody!

I had come across this forum on CZ and there seems to be quite an amount of scary stories, desperation, confusion, feeling of anguish and hopelessness, etc. going on here...

I am not promising to anyone, that your BO problems will be eradicated... matter of fact I have not heard from anyone about this particular problem being addressed yet... (but then again, I have not read THAT many testimonials either, being so new to it myself).
And I also understand how everyone's flag goes up, when they hear about a "miracle cure" or "magic bullet", especially if (as many of you have) one has been searching for answers too long without any measurable results...

I am just offering a very likely and feasible solution, that you might or might not want to try.
I am not selling this product, or am associated with anyone selling this product, so am not trying to "push up the sales" for anyone. Please do not attack or insult me if you are not interested in trying out the product. It is not my intent to take advantage of anyone's misery or suffering, I am truly offering this to help...
(and on a side note, it costs about 15-20 dollars a bottle that will last you about one year, so you know, that hardly anyone is getting rich off of this.)

Those of you who are interested in learning more,
The product is called Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and here is one website, that I found rather helpful about describing WHAT it exactly is and how it works...

There is also a support forum right here, on CureZone, where you can read all the stories of the people currently taking it


AND there is also an excellent post on this forum, right below mine, from spdina, so I am including a link to it here:


The reason I decide to post here is, I have been on the product for about three weeks myself, and one thing that has been happening for me right from the beginning is the amount of absolutely mind-blowing, unbelievable, and most disgustingly foul-smelling stuff, that comes out of me (in the form of BM) several times a day.
I am very thin and (very relatively) healthy person, have done lots of fasting, liver flushes, colonics, Colon Cleanses and such, so you would never suspect (heck, I would never suspect) there could be still so much putrid material stored in and hiding in me at this point... and yet it is, and it keeps coming out...

And what I am thinking is, no matter how bad your BO might be, there would HAVE TO BE some sort of difference you would have to experience after being on the product yourself...

Once again, I am not promising any results to anyone, I just thought this would be very well worth your time at least investigating and finding all the info you could get on it, and then you can decide, if that would be for you.

Blessings to everyone!!!


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