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MMS progress- thoughts of fellow Candida symptoms sufferers wanted by Tyler Durden ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   12/20/2007 11:07:03 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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At about 2.5 weeks Miracle-Mineral-Supplement usage, 8-10 drops 1x a day (still yet to take that big plunge of 15 drops 2x/day). Experienced some "D", and interestingly (like a lot of other people) my sinuses are draining and it seems a cold has come on. The significance of this..? It's the first cold i've experienced since about 1998!

Now, a couple observations about Candida symptoms sufferers: many of us, aside from dealing with the usual food sensitivities etc., 1) don't feel the usual hunger sensation (the normal hunger "pangs" when your body needs food), and 2) don't come down with colds and flu like other people do, like when these illnesses make their usual "rounds" at certain times of year.

Is NOT (ever) coming down with a cold, a good sign? Not necessarily. There are those who believe (check out the book "Young Again" by John Thomas, talking about the acid/alkaline balance along with a trove of other information) that experiencing a cold or flu occasionally is a *good* sign, in a sense- because it's a signal that the body's immune system is strong enough to have the wherewithal to recognize invaders and trigger the vomiting, the runny nose, diarrhea, and all the symptoms associated with colds/flu since these are the body's methods of attempting to get rid of pathogens. Basically it's a sign that the body's immune system is able to show a strong 'reaction' in an attempt to dispose of the invaders.

Are there any others of you who haven't experienced cold/flu symptoms for a LONG time until you started Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ?

Other observations at this point: I need less sleep and have more energy during the day. My nasal passages are more clear now than they've been in years. Have a strong sense of thirst, like the body is trying to rehydrate itself. I'm eliminating 'gunk' that seems like foreign material, possible parasites or the like. My hands and feet were occasionally cold before, but almost never now i.e. better circulation. Scalp itch I've had for awhile has subsided greatly except it occasionally flares up temporarily when I eat something sugary (dang holidays!! lol). When starting Miracle-Mineral-Supplement I was feeling *extremely* dumpy, no energy, weak, and various other dieoff symptoms.. those feelings have largely passed but still dealing with the sinus drainage which i'm more convinced than ever now is a positive sign because they've cleared significantly (long suspected it was a source of infection). My strength is starting to return and should this keep up i'll soon feel good enough to start weight training regularly again.

Thoughts? Very curious as to any similarities others are experiencing with MMS.

P.S. I love this forum :)

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