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Re: Possible First Casualty??? by SF1933 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   12/24/2007 11:39:09 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thank you all for replying and making some very good suggestions. I won't reply to you all until I finish. (I wrote the first chapter of my “new book” very late into the morning and didn’t sleep much and I am very busy this morning, but I will write another excerpt because I don’t want anybody hung up on the “john”.
(I just thought I could title my new book "Possible First Causalty" and change my pen name to “Pie” and co-write it with “Jim Humble”.)

OK, enough of that, I will continuine.

Tuesday: I took no meds before I saw the doctor at 11am. When he saw the rash he said it was a staph infection. It had started to blister and was spreading all over my chest and stomach. He asked me if I was taking the medication and I said no because I wanted to be sure it was ok. He said I'd better or I will be six feet under. Oddly He approved this same med and dosage for Hives. He then took a culture to see if it was one the Antibiotics was immune (MSRA) He also touched my skin with no gloves and never washed his hands. I really didn't like this guy because he never let me take a blood test or even asked me if I had a partner, no information, etc. when he diagnosed herpes, but he did remove some skin cancer which I had on my head. That was why I went to him because he had treated me for that many years ago. And again he gave me no advice about the staph or what I should do now about sterilization. He rescheduled me for Friday and I resumed the medication (3 Keflex and 2 Septra.)

Wednesday, I took the medication, but I looked up these “generic” drugs and found the side effects of Septra can cause kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water. My kidneys have not been functioning well and I have had a lower back pain for quite some time. (I still have half the dosage of Cipro which my doctor in SF prescribed because he allowed me to quit when I told him it was causing me to become constipated.) And I HATE taking any meds, especially Antibiotics , so I called my doctor in SF to make sure this was the right dosage. He assured me if was ok and no matter what I said about my kidney function including spitting up blood on occasion, high blood pressure,etc. he again assured me I would be okay. When I asked to come down next week and take some tests, he told me to wait a couple of months because he doesn't like for me to drive over the Sierra in bad weather.

So I finished up the full dosage of meds before I went to bed drinking as much water as I could. I quit taking Zestoric earlier in the year and my blood pressure had been 120 to 140 and the other number 80 or lower. Zestoric is a duretic and I get up to pee four or five times a night, but I took a couple. (My doctor removed my prostate when I was infected after spending two months in the VA hospital in 1992. I have gone to him for almost forty years and he is one of the top Urologists in the country. We are very good friends and he doesn’t charge me anything when I call him from Reno. If it wasn’t for his expertise and God’s grace and mercy, I wouldn’t be writing this!)

Late Wed. night I woke up and my mouth was bone dry! I had to drink four bottles of water to get back to normal. I have also been very warm at night even though the temperature was below zero, so I was very dehydrated. When I tried to urinate I couldn't because I was completely shut down with renal failure. This concerned me because I thought I was going to die and I almost called 911.

To be continued


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