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You can sleep definitely by tieuvodanh ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/30/2007 8:42:14 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi, everyone!

For anyone suffering from insomnia or sleep problem, the only way you could sleep without using medication is:

- Eating less (carb,protein) for a short period of time ( that is because when you eat less protein your body will try to adjust by inhibiting serotonin uptake...=> after a month, your body will be full of serotonin and it is the precusor of melatonin which helps sleep) However, a long-time protein deprivation will not supply amino-acid to rebuild your adrenal.

- Yoga breathing (The tape "Breahting : the master key to self-healing is definitely help you when you are in a state of no emotion)

- Don't try to sleep (that seems funny, but the more you try to sleep , the more unconsciously you fall into the trap of your mind - it will create this pattern of "try to sleep - can't sleep" everyday until it becomes a habit that you could no longer escape. Just try to go into a state of "No feeling, no emotion" to do whatever you like (such as reading, researching...). Especially important is the word "No emotion" , if you feel frustrated because of not being able to sleep, you can't perform well for the day, so you begin to swallow into self-thinking and finally falls into the trap of your mind - a vicious cycle. Know that animal is the one you should try to learn because they rarely can't sleep.

Good luck!

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