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Re: Doctor Punished for Falsifying Vaccination Records. And two basic axioms you should never forget. by radaron ..... News Forum

Date:   1/13/2008 6:39:55 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I am incensed by this and other stories about government usurping the roles of parents and doctors regarding our health. In addition, I feel that our elected representatives are in league with special interests in the process of mandating vaccinations and other questionable health practices. Can we really trust the judgment and decisions of our elected officials when lobbiests representing these special interests are funding their very existence through political contributions.
Here is an example excerpted from an article on the website

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's executive order mandating that public schoolgirls receive a new vaccine against a virus that can lead to cervical cancer was rescinded this week by state lawmakers by an overwhelming vote of 181 to 3 -- a move that represents a triumph of public-health precaution over a corporate money grab.

On Feb. 2, Perry, a Republican, issued an order that required all sixth-grade girls to be inoculated with Gardasil, a vaccine manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck that's been found to protect against some of the most common strains of human papillomavirus. HPV causes genital warts and abnormal cervical cells, which can lead to cancer if left untreated.

Perry chastised lawmakers for their action in an emotional press conference during which he showed a big-screen video of 31-year-old cervical cancer patient Heather Burcham of Houston, who spoke from her bed with an oxygen tube up her nose, the Houston Chronicle reported:

"In the next year, more than a thousand women will likely be diagnosed with this insidious yet mostly preventable disease," said Perry. "I challenge legislators to look these women in the eyes and tell them, 'We could have prevented this disease for your daughters and granddaughters, but we just didn't have the gumption to address all the misguided and misleading political rhetoric.' "

Despite his efforts to paint himself as a women's health advocate, Perry's championing of Gardasil has been troubled by the appearance of conflicts of interest. The Associated Press reported earlier this year that one of Merck's three lobbyists in Texas is Mike Toomey, Perry's former chief of staff. In addition, Perry had a meeting with key aides about Gardasil on Oct. 16, 2006 -- the same day Merck donated $5,000 to his campaign, according to the AP.

This is just one example where common sense and good judgment won out. In most cases I've read about it has been just the opposite . These large pharmaceutical companies are pushing their drugs with such veracity that it's just overwhelming. Their lobbying and advertizing efforts are at a level never seen before. If you watch TV every other ad is from a drug company. There's a drug for every thing imaginable, with a list of side effects for each that takes up half the commercial.

When are we the people going to wake up? Where is this going to end? This is so obvious that it's absurd. And this is Merck, the company who marketed vioxx, resulting in tens of thousands of heart problems, all under the auspices of our own FDA.
I suppose I'm preaching to the choir writing on this site. As for myself, I have 2 children and no one is coming anywhere near them with a vaccination of any kind, even if I have to homeschool them myself. I feel sorry for the people with children that have no idea what's going on, that trust in a system that's been bought and paid for by big corporate interests. Please let me and other readers know how you feel about this. Something has do be done and soon. I'm open to any ideas and a little paranoid about the power of these ruthless corporations.

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