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Re: abortion rate down, birthrate up.... by Megabite ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   1/19/2008 5:19:14 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Are you being some kind of e-thug Ohfor?

The answer I gave to the above poster is no, I don't think eugenics play a part in modern abortions in the U.S. It is not 1922 anymore. No one forces anyone in this country to get an abortion. By law it is a matter of personal choice.

The biggest reason why most people of color get abortions today is because they are the largest group of people with the lowest incomes. In other words they simply cannot afford to raise a child. Of course there may be a myriad of other reasons as well.

>"Are you not among the same crowd recently claiming for all of womankind the right to control over their body...."<

Yes I am. Why? Do you want to control their bodies?

...>"that, ooops, mysteriously somehow ended up out of control long enough to incur growing inside it an unwanted life?"<

Apparently to you women should always be in control of birth control, not men. Ever had an "oops"? I suppose that's all the woman's fault. Maybe men such as yourself should take responsibility of birth control for a change.

Ever heard of rape? That puts a women in a not-so-mysteriously out of control situation, ya think? And duh to you!

When I started to discuss abortion on curezone I decided not to use my anonymous number. I should not have to worry about being bullied about my opinions from people such as yourself. There are many others on curezone that have the same opinion as I do but they don't speak up for fear of being bullied. It should not be that way.

>"What I'm still waiting to see is this kind of philosophy explaining the how of it, exactly, that this philosphy feels it is getting back in control of one's body. This might be what the crowning highlight is all about; the murder. It would help to see the explanation from an advocate. Is it the murder part, or the claiming part, that allows you to feel is the point where you are regaining familiarity with previous lost control of your self?"<

For me to debate your opinion here would require me to go off topic of this Forum. I would be happy to discuss this at the Abortion Debate Forum if you want to post it there.

>"...with previous lost control of your self?"<

Maybe for a change you as a man should take responsibility for birth control so women will not be blamed for the consequences.



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