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Re: the long answer by turiya ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   1/20/2008 10:40:13 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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ananda... "supreme bliss" from sanskrit... seeker on the path?

" long have you been ill?"
For me, health and illness appear as two diametrically opposed states... they are but one...they come together... Normally people have both, health and illness, together.

On one end of the health/illness spectrum is 100% health. On the other end is 100% illness. In between these two extremes are shades of both - together. It is the same with the glass of water that sits in front of you. Is the glass half full or is it half empty?

It depends on how one chooses to look out and into the world… how one chooses to look at oneself. What kind of attitude to bring into the situation… does one focus on the word “health” or focus on the word “illness”… because the thought process is also involved here, thoughts are things too, they also affect the physical.

Neither health nor illness lasts forever.
In between the herpes outbreaks, heath prevails and the illness is hidden. The play of health and disease is like a wave in the ocean. The crest of the wave is followed by its trough…and another wave with its crest and trough follow…and on and on. When health is there, enjoy the time it lingers with you, it will be followed by its compliment at some point later. Then when the illness appears, health is hidden, it is overshadowed by the dis-ease. This does not mean it is no longer there, it just means that your attention has been taken by what has surfaced momentarily. Health is still present, you have just been momentarily distracted, so to speak.

The same could be said for life/death, the two come together. When one has 100% health, life is overflowing. When one is 100% ill, then the physical body has transpired. In between these two extremes ‘life’ and ‘death’ are there together and ever ongoing and changing, arising and falling in a kind of dance with each other. When one moves from being an infant into being a child, one dies to living life as an infant and is born into his childhood. When one graduates from college, one dies as a college student and is born into the world of a working individual. Again later one will die to a life of being single and be born into the dimension of being a husband or a wife. And on and on... Which one prevails depends on what attitude you bring into the situation. On which extreme does one focus attention?

Health and illness will always be in flux. If you are ill, then this, too, will pass away. Nothing lasts forever, including herpes, including love and hate… including life… and including death…

everyone has health and illness together... as it normally is in this world
Short answer: I have experienced herpes outbreaks for 25+ years.


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