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Re: fungus gone wild by kcpopps ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   1/25/2008 12:33:05 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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First off, I want to thank all who have replied to this thread. If I don't respond with a thank you to every comment, please forgive me for that and be assured that  do read and appreciate all the input.

I plan to keep posting here regularly and updating my condition for those of you that are interested.

So here is todays update....

the wound area has improved a lot... it is looking like it is healing up,  the deep red and purple doesn't look so deep now and the surface of the skin seems to be healing. The URGE for ITCHING this morning was intense and while in the bath I succumbed a bit, which of course only made it worse. I put some anti itch cream on it (Aveeno) and shortly afterwards applied anti-fungal cream AND spray powder (both tolnaftate). The itching has not gone away but has subsided and is bearable at the moment.

The bad news is that  it has spread. I ts now on the top side of both of my hands.... and I'm not sure, but I fear it may be in my scalp also.... on the back of the head in the har above the. Got some persistent itching there. I am getting into a mental area here where every itch is now a fear.... maybe it's just a normal itch on my head - but I KNOW it's on my hands now.

I still have not been to a doctor and have not had any labs done.
I have not taken any MMS yet either - I still haven't got it. I'm expecting that to arrive in todays mail, late in the day.
So far it has ONLY been treated with off the shelf anti-fungal medications and vinegar/water foot baths. I dropped the boric acid from the foot bath as some people (off this board) advised.

Also, I have been consuming about 4 cloves of garlic per day, with food. I have been consuming garlic , not daily, but fairly regularly over the past 6-8 months. (Other supplements I try to take daily are Fish Oil and Milk Thistle.)

My foot was very tight in my shoe yesterday - the front part of my foot and toes were swollen and puffy - and that most likely was from rough scratching and rubbing the day before - but today that swelling has gone down.

You can feel and see little white bumps in the skin everywhere the itching is.

As of right now, I would say it is showing some improvement.... BUT It has spread - which is alarming and obviously not good - but it is not been quite as furiously itchy and the soreness/pain is not as bad as it has been the past 5 days.


So that's where I am on 01-25-08. I will probably take my first drop of MMS this evening (if it arrives in the mail today).

I would like to get some more input on using MMS externally on these affected areas. I have seen comments that say it is important to flush it off after 30 seconds or - well, I got the impression that could be very bad to leave it on for longer.  Then another poster, Minime, said I should leave it on for 5 minutes or more to do the most good.

This seems important so I need some more info on that.
Is the mixing/preparation to be done exactly the same way if the use is to be topical? Or is it diluted in some way for use directly on the skin? I have read Mr Humbles book and in the section where he talks about applying it to burns, he does make a strong emphasis on flushing it off after 30 seconds... so does that apply to my fungus as well?

I would like to attack the fungus directly and strongly but am leery of making a mistake in application. Also I need to keep in mind that there are 2 things being treated here - the ithcy, bumpy fungus in the areas where skin has not been broken and torn - and the red wound area where this originated and is the worst spot.

I am assuming that when I put MMS directly on this - it is going to burn like the devil - true? Anyone reading who has actually done this?
A while back I taped some slices of garlic on the wound... and another day dropped some of DR.Schulze echinacia drops on it - and that hurt/burned VERY STRONGLY! (So strongly I stopped doing it, even though I suspect that was killing bad guys)). I'm guessing the MMS will do the same.


FED EX just delivered my package - MMS is here.


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