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HELP~ Frustrated!! Need advise for FBD by D555555 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   1/26/2008 2:01:58 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi Everyone~

As some of you know, I've been working with FBD since August with Lugols and the protocals as suggested. It has taken me along a slow, hard path. As I'm still
only able to do 5-6 drops of Lugol's a day and if I try to move up, I get terrible
eye pressure and frontal headaches. These are so bad that I can not function. As was the case yesterday. I did 2 salt pushes and then pushed distilled water all day. Plus, just rested, as I had no choice.

I tried my drops at 6 and by noon, I was having the above symptoms. It took entire day before I could function normally.

Now, this am, I get up and I have huge red (broken vessel) on my left eye. Is this from too much pressure and salt???

I am so frustrated today, that I dont know what to do, plus the anxiety that I have every day with this breast issue. I will say that the pain and lumps are much better. In fact very little pain and no lumps. But, I'm still left with discharge from one side. (This actually has been going on for year and half.)

I have had the discharge looked at several times, only to be told it is nothing,ie., slides showed fat cells. Then, back in Sept., I wrote about ER trip to hospital for extreme mastitis, swelling, hard, red and very painful. Ended up on antibotics for 4 weeks. Of course the attending ER doctor was screaming, possible cancer wanted tons of test...I declined. I had Mammogram in 06 because of being pushed by doctor concerning the discharge. Only thing noted: dense breast. I've had prolatin test, hormone test, you name it. All say FBD, dont worry!

I took matters into my own hands, started 5% Lugols in August. Upon starting, I suffered the above problems almost immediately and consequently the trip to ER.

I know this is a bit soon to expect a miracle with FBD. But, I can not seem to get above 6 drops and in fact have to skip days fairly often. I do whole foods diet, and all companion nutrients.

If some of you can give me some direction and/or guidiance, I would so appreciate it today.

Few other things, I do OP everyday with VCO. I also take Raw Apple Cider plus molasses everyday. I also am not in position to add filter to my shower yet but am trying to get that next. I am going back to my daily walking and rebounding also.

What am I doing wrong here? Patience is not one of my stronger points and the anxiety of not being able to get to 8+ drops a day and then add the discharge (every nite mostly) and sometimes pain to the equation... I can not cope very well today. I stopped wearing bras 3 months ago due to pain. I've worn sports bra only.

I also know that stress plays huge role in our immunity. And I've been under huge amounts of stress for 3 years, financially etc.

Looking for some encouragement today and direction.


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