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Very, very bizarre. by #89250 ..... Gynecological Problems Forum

Date:   2/2/2008 10:09:06 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Something new and weird has occured now. For the last 25 years I've had a 'bump' on my cervix. When I was a teenager, my pap smear came back as a class 3. So my doctor wanted to burn and remove it and gave me a couple of valium before the procedure. That was when they realized that I was somehow allergic to valium and it made me hyper! Since I was a little freaked out anyway, I went WAY hyper.

So we rescheduled. But it had been such a bad experience that I didn't go back.

So all these years, my pap smears since then have been normal. Until 6 months ago, just before I started Liver Flushes and all this bowel cleansing and parasite removal. The results 6 months ago indicated 'irregular cells'.

So I noticed something odd last month - the little bump I'd had all these years had almost disappeared. It felt like a tiny pimple on the edge of my cervix. It was that way even last week.

Last night, it was long and steep and pointy and about 4 times larger than normal. I even had my husband check it and he was alarmed.

I suppose it may have been a parasite all these years, but a little hard to believe it existed all this time and thru a full-term pregnancy. Maybe the P&B shakes are bringing it out as a...toxin? I've had a nasty yeast infection for the last 3 days - could it be related to that?

So last night I took another 2 probiotics and some parasite medicine. This morning the thing is back to normal size. It seems impossible to me that anything I took last night would make the bump go down so quickly.

Has anybody had any experience like this or know what may be going on? I have an appointment with the gyn next Thurs and suspect he's not going to believe all that's happened since I saw him 6 months ago (1743 gallstones, candida, tapeworm, flukes, pinworm, and 3 undentifiables exiting my body)

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