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Re: RECAP of Part II by turiya ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/5/2008 12:28:05 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thanks for posting this Tyler.

A recap of the information given is that those that choose to supplement are, of course, to proceed with vigilance and patience. It is best not to look at Miracle-Mineral-Supplement as an "instant coffee" cure. Unless the situation is life threatening, one may be better to supplement with lower doses in tending to chronic, persistent, long time problems, autoimmune diseases.

Alot of this we already have known about, the reading is confirmatory with that. But there is a bit of commentary in areas that some of us may not have considered...

The effects of toxic load on the body (shock to the body) is judged by the diarrhea and nausea that is prevalent. These are symptomatic of the body moving into survival mode.
The second effect, the dislodging of toxins from the tissues and organs, especially the liver, will cause these toxins to be moving more about the body. Drinking plenty of water is a must to help move these out the elimination pathways. In the case of metal toxins it may be well to research what supplements, herbs or other foods that would help for these to attach themselves to so they are helped to be moved out and not take up residence in some other places of the body tissues/organs. It is understood that cilantro, for example, binds with mercury to help in escorting this out of the system. Some others may know better what is good to help chelate other metals.

As for cleaning the liver: this coincides with what was said in the Hummiston interview on webtalk radio. And the reason why most of us here have experienced better ability to sleep more soundly. For those that perhaps do not sleep well, this may be indicative of even more poisons being released and, I would think, that more vigilance and caution should be used.

Again an interesting mention of the Peyer's patches in this read. On the next session (Part III?), it would be interesting to hear comment relative to whether the chlorine dioxide has any effect on jumping starting these patches, or whether there is any other suggestion that can be made that would help to regenerate these Peyer's patches into working better again?

Next there is the comment regarding the state of the body regarding cleanses of the body and that it may be well to have the body already in a state of elimination or having the elimination channels to be in good working condition just prior to moving to supplementing with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . The body would be better able to deal with the imbalances that were to occur upon beginning dosages. Otherwise this compounds the situation.

The use of what he calls "steam bathing" is mentioned. I would think that if you do not have access to a steam bath or a sauna, then the next best is a very hot and long bath (hot & long enough so that you sweat). Using epson salts to help draw out toxins would no doubt help. And, perhaps, at the end turning it into a sitz bath by using a hand held shower head to hit the lower part of the abdomen (anus & colon areas of the body) with cold water for 10-15 minutes. [research "sitz bath" if you are unfamiliar with this form of therapy] This will help the body to react less negatively.

Depending on how physically active one is will depend on how much the dosage one should take. If one is rather sedentary, then start with smaller doses. If one has been quite active with exercise then more can be handled better.

At the end it is mentioned that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement looks like it is helpful in removing the mucoid plack that builds up over time within the intestinal tract.
And usage over time will tend to make the body a bit acidic over all.

The mention of its ability to knock out parasites is pretty common knowledge amongst the most of us here, so this is just a comfirmatory comment with regards to this.
And also something that has been controversial here is that with long term use of MMS it is suggested to supplement a bit with probiotics, yogurt would work just fine, and/or with the mention of the juice contained in sardines or in the cans of sardines. And, Watermelon would be good for the colon and the intestines to help relieve any tendency for any "spattering" or "spasms" that may occur to these organs due to overzealous use of MMS.

Again it sounds like it is best not to look at MMS as an "instant coffee" type of cure. Proceed with patience and vigilance, otherwise, you may make things difficult for yourself.

Thanks very much again, Tyler, for posting this interesting exchange.

Best regards,


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