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new to oil pulling-my experiences-it's long... by TreasureGift ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   7/18/2006 1:08:09 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello all, I am very new to oil pulling/swishing, but after much reading and researching, this process rang true with my spirit so I decided to try it. I ordered sunflower oil from my local vitamin/health store as they did not carry it on the shelf, actually when I went to the store, they didn't know they could get it, I knew because I had seen it on their website, anyhoo, it came in a week later. I started oil pulling, 1 tablespoon full, on an empty stomach, good thing too, when I was through and I spit it out, I began to gag, it didn't bother me at all while it was in my mouth, just when I spit it out, go figure!

I managed to keep it in my mouth for 10 minutes, it had become white, foamy and had filled my mouth. I really didn't feel any different, not better or worse, but that WAS the first time I had done it.

On day 2, I pulled again, this time, I didn't gag as much when I spit it out, again, I kept it going for 10 minutes, it became white, foamy and filled my mouth. Again, no real reaction one way or the other.

On day 3, I looked at my mouth and I noticed what appeared to be a pimple on my gum right below my bottom front teeth, nothing painful, just a "whitehead" looking thing. I took an exacto knife and "popped" it, I used my finger to apply pressure to the gum and to my amazement/horror, copious amounts of liquid pus began to gush out of the hole (yeach!!!), I don't know where this pus came from but there was lots of it. For the next 3 days, I have used salt water, 1/2 water-1/2 peroxide, and Listerine (not at the same time) to swish in my mouth, the peroxide & water seemed to make it feel the best. I have also taken large doses of vitamin C. All this time, there was very little pain, mostly the gum area was tender, but no real pain. By the third day (after the pus), it is nearly completely healed, since then I have done one more oil pull, and I will continue the oil pulling.

I suspect this was a reaction, I already had a low grade infection in my gums and this brought it to the surface. I will admit that it was a shock to see and experience this, but it will not scare me, I know the oil pull didn't CAUSE this, it only brought it out.

I will report more as do more oil pulling. The only question I have is how can something that sounds so crazy, work so well??? Of course, crazy is in the eye of the beholder, I have also been known to drink Bentonite clay with flax seed and poop out muciod plaque! ;)



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