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Date:   2/6/2008 5:36:05 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Thankyou Jana, it makes sense.

The same thing was recommended with Iodine therapy and thats what i used to do with it. it got too much to take the Iodine everyday and i desperately felt the need to back off and so would take a few days off.
i guess with lower doses of mms/iodine or whatver this may not be necesarry. or as tyler says it may still be a good idea to allow the body to 'reset' itself.

Another point, i have always felt like this with taking supplements, vitamins etc. i still cannot take the same vitmains, supplements or whatever it may be EVERY SINGLE DAY! i do more of an ebb and flow method with that as well. i have always wished i was more consistent with things like this and able to continue everyday but maybe this isnt such a bad thing?

also, i have often wondered if the urge for me to stop or backdown off something was my body's resistance to change. part of me (or the nasties inside me) wanted me to stop but it would actually benefit me to carry on and push thru. i feel like when ive done this though i have still had to stop eventually but the 'drop'was more severe than if i had quit when my body told me too (if that makes sense?)

Thanks again for the post

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