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Re: Candida gone help!!! Please by #71430 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/7/2008 1:50:58 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I'm very busy and my intention by posting here was to gather some information from this forum if possible. I also decided to let people know how I cured my condition by mentioning the variables they should become aquainted with, for which I believe I have achieved and it is now upto those who are embarking upon this journey to search for themselves regarding the relavant topics. I'm merely plugging in my two cents worth and letting people know that I'm cured (and how I acheived it) and therefore they can be cured to. I walked through hell for years and recovered, many times I felt suicidal, and during them times I never seen anybody anywhere on the internet say they had recovered, so my message is simple for those who have had similar thoughts to that I had, it is beatable.

The observers can generate their own conclusion from reading the thread, my story is that Colloidal Silver was a godsend, others disagree, like yourself. My best advice therefore is as follows, if you are scared of the thought of taking Colloidal Silver , dont use it, if your condition deteriates to such a point that your quality of life is negligible, then try high dose CS to nuke the candida, it worked for me after trying everything on the market (so my candida must have been fairly resistant by then as I hit it with everything).

Regarding the grains, for a time all I did was grow the grains to the size of a large marble in milk. Yes it is perfectly fine to consume the grains, it is equivalent to taking in trillions of bacteria in one go. There are also many other benefits from consuming the grains such as anti-carcinogenic effects of the kefiran.
I dont chew them so as not to damage them, just swallow as they go down easy.

The best advice I have is to perform colon flushes, heal the intestinal wall, take high dose Colloidal Silver for a week or two, consume plenty anti-oxidents, vit e, goji/acai berries, selenium etc, have a load of kefir grains cultured and ready to consume, stop the colloidal silver, then consume the live cultures themselves, as many as you have managed to grow (best wait till you have a lot of them). I now swallow kefir cultures several time every week and have done for months after applying that simple protocol (although the intestine took a while to sort out), and I'm doing well.

Thats my message, goodluck everybody.


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