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Re: Here's the cure. Need help acquiring.. by #71430 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/7/2008 2:09:59 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hello, I hope you have a brilliant day too.

Visit the CS forum on how to produce CS if your not familiar. I dont post there however having read a few threads, a poster by the name of trapper knows what he/she is talking about.

Use only distilled water, so that requires the purchase of a distiller (bumps up the cost) but once its yours, its yours for aslong as it is functioning. Dont take a chance with tap water even I wouldnt use that, although some of the gurus say its fine, I dont think so. Distilled is pure and wont form unrequired silver compounds that may potentially be a possible cause of the argyria that has been mentioned.

I produced my CS to a mild golden yellow color (quite strong).

1: Healed intestinal wall (takes a long time in some cases)

2: When your ready grow kefir cultures, lots of them.

3: Colon Cleanse (although theres nothing to stop you doing them anytime)

4: Drink CS, I took in about 150 ml's per day for 2 weeks (mine was strong, how strong ? I dont know possibly between 30-150 PPM. I drank whenever I could during the day in 25 ml shots. I consumed loads of anti-oxidants whilst drinking the silver, but thats nothing new as I always do anyhow. It only took two weeks for me, it may not take aslong for other its may take longer, basically you have to monitor your own reaction to determine what is occuring.

5: When my symptoms literally started to vanish and my tongue went from carpet white to a lovely pink color (I could actually taste food again) I stopped CS and consumed loads of kefir grains (dont chew them, just swallow whole size of a marble) daily for a week, and continue to top up with about 3 grains every few days to this day (4 months ago and counting). Tongue still pink, living life again after being barely able to rise out of bed on a morning/afternoon.

That did it for me, thats my story, best wishes and goodluck.

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