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EM, Diet Links, Pleomorphism and MMS by learn360 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/7/2008 7:22:12 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi EM,
Keep thinking of effective microorganisms when I type that--EM--
Anyhoo, since the mods here seem bent on a certain selection of dietary input, or at least a limit on it, just wondering if my other posts to you might yield a few good links or books or....? that might apply to the questions I put up on the 'complete 180' thread, and the other one you replied to.
Pleeeease, Mods, just let this one through, just this once, I promise, well, I really hope it won't lead impressionable minds downa long dark road of acidic meat and fat eating with scarcely a breatharian, fruitarian or alkalinian in sight!
I perhaps shouldn't be sarcastic about this as a new poster here, but I absolutely trust my long hard journey through the alt med field, and the dues therein paid, give me a certain insight and trust in at least some more 'global' thinking regards diet et al,and something about EM's words have a ring of truth for me, at least so far as anything can be 'true' in a world of relative truths.
And, I really do think that after the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement wars are won, the peace will have to be won as well ( kinda reminds me of 'other' kinds of wars that fit that description). By the 'peace' I mean creating optimal biological terrain so that the body is less likely to reinfect itself again from weak or imbalanced states of being. We have strong representation from a really good guy I respect here, as to his contributions--fire guy--on the importance of hydration and alkilinity etc.
Wel, perhaps there are other nutritional considerations that are equally as important for this regime to reach it's fullest expression or potential. We can only isolate Miracle-Mineral-Supplement so much from the rest of life to make it universal, without losing some of the wisdom needed to make it pointed, effective, precise, in the dance of the individual.

Thanks, and really, thanks Mods for screening out what I have seen on some other groups that has stunned me in it's immature, flaming and unbelievably time wasting manner.


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