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thanks everyone, and i am sorry about that... by ananda7 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/12/2008 12:15:50 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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sorry everyone!--i was just upset last week.. i feel much better now.

i feel so stupid--i wrote one post that was really irrational, paranoid and hasty
( the "i find it a little odd" post under my anon# ---little good that did!)... i felt like an idiot --so i quickly deleted it. it was too late b/c biosafe had already copy and pasted it. so what could i do? --but apologize again>

... then there was remarks about trolls and such. i didnt even know what a troll was until i searched up on it... (and for the record,i definately do not fit the criteria!) --- so i dont know if the troll remark from turyia or others, was to me or not(because i didnt understand that thread at all!), but i felt really insulted if it were ---b/c i put my heart into this forum and then made one stupid hasty post, that i knew was a mistake, and sicerely apologized, delelted it, and still seemed to get harsh remarks (most of which seemed off the topic). i know the post was a BIG MISTAKE but i was having a PARANOID MOMENT. --and i am more than sorry! i think everyone makes mistakes or posts they wish they didn't. a lesson well learned for me!

but the main reason i wanted out was the stress of the debate frorum--with all the arguing and going round and round in circles, no mature conversing of concern, just attacking ---not so healthy! --i had just had enough! --- so i posted to Webmaster to delete me from here. (the name ananda is very precious to me and i didnt want it thrown about)the request to delete my account was on the emotional heels of what was going on. i didnt think it through. SO,I DON'T WANT TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT!-- --now i dont want to leave curezone and take my posts with me anymore. i was just responding from a place of upset. so my deepest apologies again.

i have never been on a forum before and i am just learning now about it all. from now on i will just take it easy and post only when it feels really right to do so. no more hasty posting for me!

my past posts seem to be back when i click on ananda7-- and i or my husband jo14 will check in with the forum and our mms friends from time to time. we appreciate you all so very much, truly truly!!!

thank you for your concern and good tidings!

mms is still treating us both very well.


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