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last thought of the day by rygar. ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   2/12/2008 2:14:26 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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thinking back,i can't believe how stupid I was..
we were talking and really close,in the break room- looking out the windows
at the parking lot up top,it had a very nice scenery out the mountains and such.
There was a moment when we were talking and I felt this great feeling of
warmth,arousal and attraction..something I haven't felt in a long long long time,
I was so profound by this moment that I greedily held on to it and endured it
by myself,forgetting the other part of the equation..her!

I was so wrapped up in the feeling for myself that by forgetting to involve her
in the process that she in fact enticed or maybe it was the both of us,it kinda
went sour after I noticed her noticing me being self-absorbed in the entire
attraction process lol.I have a feeling I have been doing this alot,it feels
good to me ,so good that I just greedily enjoy the moment..if only for myself lol.

does anyone know what I am talking about? those precious moments between two people
were sparks fly,and 'normal''sane''healthy' people share those good feelings?

I swear I felt like kissing her,I don't know what happened but the mood shifted and
she looked sad,it was also the peak of me becoming totally absorbed in my own arousal lol.I know,I am a pig and I have alot to work on.

I can tell she kinda likes me but perplexed at the same time,it's the way she responds to me.

I finally have her number and we are hanging out this weekend..


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