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High Colloidal Silver Dosage for Candida Cure? by CandidaInContext ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/17/2008 1:24:51 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I was just doing some research around CZ and found some interesting information regarding Colloidal Silver and Candida... mainly in the dosage. Trapper took high doses of Colloidal Silver , and had cured his candida over the course of 3 months.



Zoebess also took the large doses of 500ppm for around 3 years before she got better.


High Dosage of Colloidal Silver even overcomes Aids.


From what I have read it is recommended not to go over 20 ppm, and to dose yourself slowly at first... then gradualy build up as herx and detox might be to much.

As you have read... alot of people get bad reactions from Colloidal Silver. I believe this is because thier organs are functioning below the level necessary to deal with the large amount of die off... or experience a huge amount of die off that brings on reactions. As it is said... things get worse before they get better.

It is my experience that prior/during any successful parasite/candida therapy... a person needs to go on a diet that not only starves the parasites/candida in the body, but is also less stressful/taxing on the organs and allows for healing. This would most definitly involve food combining... and eating quality foods. It also explains why the raw food diet worked so well for me, it combines the best of both worlds.

I have already ordered a silver puppy to generate colloidal silver, because it is highly recommended... and it produces ionic colloidal silver. I also plan on taking 20 ppm, but in high doses... roughly 4 oz w/h202, 4 - 5 times daily... mainly because right now I am experiencing parasite die off and a reduction in my symptoms. It is also recommended not to take Iodine while taking CS because of the potential for iodized silver, which I wont... but I will take norwegian kelp... I also am not going to be taking an Miracle-Mineral-Supplement because of the potential for silver chloride.

I dont believe this is the only therapy that works... but I do believe it has the potential to be a critical component of a successful candida protocol.


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