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Re: scabies relief by #93631 ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   2/18/2008 12:21:55 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Just found this website and found all the articles very interesting. I think more than anything it was helpful and comforting to me to know other people were experiencing some of the same problems.

You know you are taught as a child that only dirty people contract scabies, but that's not true. I still don't know where I picked this up, could my boys( I have 3). I read in your threads that some people think they picked up the mite from animals and others say no. We did have several dogs and we do live in a secluded wooded area. We also have various creatures that visit from time to time ( raccoons, possums, flying squirrels) don't know if they are a source or not, anyway.

The reason I decided to post is that I tried the hot water remedy described in your thread with some relief. I also had Pymethrin and used it. It works but not completely. I remembered an article from my homeopathic days about "black walnut" and decided to try it again. We have a health food store that I can trust in my area so I went there to ensure the best ingredients. I began taking it several times a day. The walnut is bitter to the taste and the bugs leave. I then thought, if hot water and hot showers work, why wouldn't a tanning bed.

We have a salon here that has a tanning bed in which one unit is vertical (it stands up). So I gave it a try. It is more intense than the other beds so I could only stay 3-5 mins. at a time, but it is worth it.

I also thought about bleach. I know several people that use bleach when they have been "berry picking" and get redbugs (mites) all over them. As soon as they come in they place all there clothes in the washer to be washed and immediately take a shower and use bleach to rid their bodies of the mite. Just a thought. Hope it helps someone find relief.

Don't forget to wash your sheets, pillowcases, comforters, etc. several times during your infestation or they will come back. We also took our mattresses outside and leaned them against the deck in the sun for several hours, I hear the sun can kill any kind of a mite (dustmite, etc.) so I gave it a try.

i hope this works for you and gives you relief. Thanks to all of you who responded with your comments and suggestions. If not for you I might still be suffering in silence.


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