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Far out experiments! by fledgling ..... Energy Medicine: Energy Healing Modalities

Date:   2/27/2008 11:08:30 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I was recalling my bio-resonance days, and, lo and behold, Newport gave this link in the parasites Support forum...

"Aha," says I!

"That's where he was getting the suggested numbers from...a list like this!"

Anyway, I know I remember the feelings of the treatments, and I suspect the brain/body is capable of generating frequencies, so...

...I began reading aloud the numbers of the frequencies suggested for a particular parasite I am in the process of vanquishing.

Then, I began to make a statement, "All the frequencies I require." Then, "All the frequencies everyone requires...when they need them," just in case. (I know, I know...I think big! But, why not?)

Remembering that other statements I have made have seemed to take a day or two to show 'results', I accepted that fact and settled back to wait and see.

Very unusually, I was in bed at 11:30, and right off to sleep (as I have managed to achieve often, these days).

...And I slept 5 hours straight, without getting up to pee every hour/hour and a half! It's been a long, long time!

Today was slightly different, too. And I re-read some more numbers, out loud.


The other day dh felt dizzy, in looking up, and was even considering going to the doctor.

After he was asleep, and while I watched TV...I imagined his head/body between my hands, me stimulating and harmonizing his aura.

My hands felt 'vital' and tingly as I moved them up his chakras and over his head...back and front, sides of the head, back of the neck and over the forehead, and so on, in no particular order...just as felt right. I did this for a period of minutes...maybe ten.

In the morning he was up at his regular time, and off to do his morning job of work, as cheery as forgotten. Later he told me that he'd had a fine sleep, and felt so much better than the day before...that his dizziness was gone.

Then I remembered I had used my hands on him, at a distance. Not a very long distance, mind you...but a distance nevertheless.


We have experimented using our hands on, or over, each other before. He has always had a benificial effect on any pain I've lessens.

I haven't had the same success with him, that I know of...until the above.

Pretty good for 'seniors', eh?

Wouldn't it be great if simply reading out the resonance numbers, or 'accepting' whatever frequencies we need...was enough to lift us...everyone...everywhere?

I've always felt that energy can't be divided...that whatever one has is the same as all people combined. The only trick is to become used to using it...see how it works...notice differences.

As for the frequency numbers, maybe they don't 'fight' anything, as much as they promote well-being. Do you think?


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