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MMS and the flu by SilverFox ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/28/2008 3:52:57 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sunday we had a family get together. One of our grandchildren ended up sick.

Monday I get a call wondering if Miracle-Mineral-Supplement can work against the flu. "I have a tightness in my sinus area, congestion in my lungs, and am coughing. In general, I feel run down, like I have the flu." She had been on 2 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement once a day. I told her to try 4 drops morning and night.

Tuesday, my wife informs me that she is not feeling well. She decides to work from home to keep from exposing others. I am still doing fine.

Wednesday, my wife has a temperature and is staying home again. I notice a "crackle" in my voice and am feeling a little tired. I am on 6 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement morning and night. I have been on this amount all through this, and was curious if it would keep me from catching whatever was going around.

Thursday, my wife feels better, but still a little run down. She calls in to work and tells them that she is available if they need her, but she would rather still work from home. My eyes start watering, and I develop some congestion in my nose. By this time, it is obvious to me that MMS did not keep me from getting infected with this flu bug. I up my dose to two of the 6 drop doses morning and night. That night, I develop a fever and have a restless, sweaty, night.

Friday, my wife seems to have fully recovered. I feel like crap. Eyes watering, nose running, coughing, and a general feeling of aching throughout my body. It is obvious that I have the flu.

OK, here I am sick, what should I do?

I decide to experiment with MMS to see what it will do. I up my frequency of taking MMS. I decide to take a 6 drop dose every two hours. I started at 6 am. By noon I am feeling a little better, but am still dragging. By 10 pm, I am very tired, but I notice that when I blow my nose, it is taking longer for it to be in need of blowing again, and my eyes are watering less. My fever is gone. I go to bed.

Saturday, I get up generally feeling a lot better. I still have to blow my nose, once, and dry my eyes, but I feel that a very heavy load has been lifted off of me. I will stick to my 6 drops every 2 hours and see what happens.

Just after my noon dose, my stomach began to gurgle. Knowing what comes next, I took some vitamin C and stopped taking MMS. I am now loading up on my anti oxidants. I am feeling quite good and believe the flu is behind me.

Sunday, both my wife and I have a great day.

Monday, my wife is beginning to feel a tightness in her throat. She feels that she is beginning to come down with something. I am still doing very well.

Tuesday, my wife tells me that she has a cold.

Wednesday, my wife is in the full blown troughs of a cold. This is not as bad as the flu was, but it is not very nice. I am still on my maintenance 6 drops MMS a day, and am
doing great.

A couple of very interesting things I have observed by going through this.

First of all, I thought that MMS would keep the "invaders" away, but that did not seem to be the case. It does seem to be able to "clean up" the mess, once you have been attacked. My friend who was taking 4 drops morning and night is still sick, and I am doing a lot better.

On the other hand, my wife, who does not take MMS, did not get as sick initially, and recovered in around the same time frame. She often has "colds" that linger, so I will have to see if she is really over it, but she was doing very well this morning. Now I see her back with a cold, and it is lingering. I would now say that she is "as sick" as I was.

My wife takes anti oxidants, and it appears that the anti oxidants may have been more effective in knocking out this flu bug than the MMS. I usually take anti oxidants also, but this time, I only took MMS. I didn't want to compromise its effectiveness with anti oxidants.

The other very interesting observation was the amount of MMS that I could tolerate without side effects. Friday I took EIGHT of my 6 drop doses, and never had a problem.

I am not sure what to make of all of this, but after having gone through it, I am planning on making a change. When I notice the first symptoms of the flu or a cold, I am going to immediately increase my intake of anti oxidants, especially vitamin C. This may strengthen my immune system so it can fight off the bad guys trying to attack me.

If that doesn't work and I end up getting sick, I will then switch over to a very aggressive regime of MMS to get rid of the bad guys.


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