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Re: the enemy within (besides fungal candida) by presterjohn64 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/5/2008 1:17:41 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Healing is very mysterious...I have read so many accounts of people being healed spontaneously, through some Divine act of Grace, and healing has occurred for eg. with candida using methods that would be heretical to people who follow the candida diet. That's why it might not be a good idea to tell people "Oh, that is not a cure" b/c we don't know how that particular individual's body will use it. The body can cure, or maybe it's the soul, sometimes it seems the method used is not what's important, but the individual's psycho-spiritual state. I mean, some people just "decide" they don't want the illness anymore and it's gone! It's very strange...maybe in part it is about taking back your power of will. In my own life, I can time-line how I went downhill, and a HUGE part of it has to do with not wanting to make decisions. I let other people make decisions for me, and if I hadn't done that I would have saved myself from many bizarre & unpleasant situations, one of which nearly killed me. So yes, I learned my lesson & am still living with the consequences.

Eckhart Tolle talks about raising the individual & collective consciousness. An interesting idea I came across in my spiritual studies is that certain individuals before embodiment decide to take on certain states of consciousness in order to overcome them & make it easier for others to do the same. Sometimes this comes in the form of illness, b/c supposedly every illness represents a particular state of consciousness. But the whole purpose is to overcome it & blaze a trail so that others can see that it can be done. (You see this now with cancer. A cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence, but look how many people have fought it & won, showing that is in everyone's power to do so). Of course everyone is familiar with karma, which is another explanation.
"If all illness was gone when one became "enlightened" then no one, including Mother Theresa or the Pope would die."

St. Francis of Assisi carried many illnesses in his body during his short life. Ironically he was also known as a great healer. Part of being enlightened is realizing the illusory nature of reality, so death is not to be feared. Death is what finally liberates us from the ego. Jesus died, and ascended. What does ascended mean? It's unfortunate that people focus so much on his crucifixion when it is the resurrection which is key. Jesus proved that we have the potential to become immortal spiritual beings. Enlightenment is not the highest spiritual state- enlightenment is just not enough. It is the ascension. I find this to be a fascinating desciption:

"The ascension is a spiritual initiation that a soul goes through after it has fulfilled its purpose for coming to Earth. One might say that the soul has passed the final exam in the schoolroom of Earth, and it is now free to move permanently into the spiritual realm without having to come back to another embodiment on Earth.

To win its ascension, the soul must have attained the experiences that it came here to have, and it must have had those experiences in full measure, so that the desires of the soul are filled and resolved permanently. It also means that the soul must have fulfilled the goals for using its creative abilities as a co-creator with God that it came here to do. One might say that the soul must have given the gift to this planet and to humankind that it came to give. Finally, the soul must also have balanced all imperfect energy, or karma, that it has created during its incarnations in the material realm.

What I am really saying here is that the soul must have reached the point where there is no form of desire or attachment and no amount of imperfect energy that can pull the soul back to Earth. Yet even after the soul has met the outer requirements for its ascension, the soul must still make the choice to permanently leave the Earth behind. This means that the soul must truly be willing to give up its earthly life, its earthly identity, in order to win the higher sense of identity as a God-free being who can permanently move into the spiritual realm and forever leave the material universe behind. This is a choice that the soul must make, and it must make so entirely on its own.

Each human being on Earth has the potential to make the ascension, and only one person at a time can go through this ritual. Your soul will pass through the gate alone because every ascension is a unique celebration of a unique soul that has now become much more than the human soul. It has become a permanent identity in the spiritual realm that is beyond time and space and therefore beyond mortality. "


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